Novel Challenge #6

Eric Carter, an eight-year Marine, recently found out that he’s a father. Coming back home for vacation, he picks up his mail. Heading into his apartment, he skims through the envelopes. Until one huge envelope addressed to him by the Human Services department catches his eye. Opening the letter he reads, finding out that a young woman he knew two years ago, became pregnant with his child. A female child by the name of Abby Carter, is his daughter biologically. Running through his thoughts back to a hot steamy one night, two years ago, he met a young woman named Sara Owens. They had a one night stand. But damn, it was the best one night he ever spent. Looking over the letter, it said to head over to the Human Services Department to claim her or the young child will be placed into foster care. Taking the letter, and his truck keys he heads on over to the Human Services Department. To pick up his little girl. I’m going to be father! The thought thrilled him. With eight years already put in, he can retire from the Marine Core. He can start his own business in town. This would allow him to be there for his little girl. Not focusing on the street ahead of him, Eric barely misses hitting a car straight on.

The driver of the other car pulls to the side. Getting out of her car, she was fuming over the jerk who wasn’t paying any attention to where he was driving. Parking his car in the Human Service parking lot, Eric feel like an ass. Damn, I might have just proved how horrible of a father I will make. Fuming at himself, he heads on over to the petite woman with blonde hair and the prettiest blue eyes he’s ever seen. Kelley walks over to the hunk of a driver. This guy was the jerk? No, wonder, she thought. 

“Hi, I am Eric Carter. I am terribly sorry for my lack of better driving skills. I just found out that..” 

“Hi, I’m Kelley and I do not care what your lame excuse is for almost driving straight into my car. I’m here to pick up my sister’s daughter.”

“I am here to pick up my daughter. Just found out I am a father.”


“Really! I’m excited!”

Kelley looked at him and could tell he was telling the truth. His happiness was written all over his face. Lucky little girl, she thought.

Opening the door and holding it open for Kelley, they both head in. Walking up to the main desk, Kelley asks, ” I am here to pick up Abby Carter. I am her aunt.”

“Wait, you can’t take her. She is my daughter. And I have a letter that says she is mine. And I am here way before the deadline of picking her up. I do not care if you are her aunt, she’s my daughter and I plan on keeping her. But of course you can visit her anytime you would like”, Eric added softly.

“He’s right, Ma’am. If he can produce the letter we gave him as well as some identification, then he has every full right in keeping the little girl”, the receptionist stated briefly.

“Fine..but I want to come see her today. If that’s alright with you. Plus, I think you should follow my to a store so, I can buy my niece proper clothes and other things. Unless you have any objections?”, Kelley smoothly asked. 

“No, that will be fine. And I would appreciate all the help I can get.Thank you.”

“Let me go get Abby and bring her to you. We also have a car seat for you in-case you don’t have one”, the receptionist told Eric. 

“Thank you, I will definitely need that. Can I return it tomorrow?”

“Yes, that would be fine.”

Watching the receptionist walk away to get Abby, Kelley asked, “So, you never knew you had a daughter?”

“No, I didn’t. Not until, I just got home today and saw the letter. And it makes perfect sense. The timing and all.”

“So, you really want to raise her?”, she asked him.

“Yeah, I do.”


Write all this and what happens next using only 2500 words. Write how Eric and Kelley butt heads when it comes to raising Abby. Also, mention the chemistry that sparks between Eric and Kelley. Write how an accident involving Abby occurs, that cause Eric and Kelley to fight for custody of Abby. What happens when the little girl disappears..? How is she found. And how do Kelley and Eric reunite as a team once again to raise Abby. Please post your response down below in the comment area for feedback! Thanks!


Best of luck! 🙂


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