A Viking’s Prisoner- Part 1

Jewel Evans is a lowly shop keepers daughter. One rainy stormy night, as Jewel was sweeping the shop’s dusty floors, a stranger arrives. His thin, tall frame hidden beneath a black hooded garment. “May I help you, sir?”
Staring straight at her, he snatches her hand almost causing her to scream. He places a small green orb into her hand. Then runs back out quickly. Looking down at the orb, she sees a glow..but before she can do anything her father comes. Hiding the orb within her poor state of a dress, she then continues on with her work.
Again another stranger comes inside the shop. Her father rushes to greet the stranger. Being curious, Jewel heads close to hear her father and the strangers conversation.
“I can make your debt go away, if you allow your daughter to marry me tomorrow”.
“That is good news. I will have her ready for you tomorrow then, say what time?”, her father asked the stranger.
Peering closer, Jewel takes a look at the stranger her father is making her marry.
Seeing an ugly,old, mean looking man, Jewel takes off. Running to her room.
No way father really means to marry me to…to that monster.
Crying, Jewel falls asleep.
Deep inside her dress pocket, the green orb glows brighter…

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