Angel’s Kiss Part 1

Nora Simmons was having the best dream ever. Being kissed by the most handsome man ever. His kiss left her feeling so..loved afterwards. Her friends thought she got herself a boyfriend due to the shine and puppy look in her eyes. How does she explain that she has incredible realistic dreams of her mystery man every night?  They will think she’s crazy let alone completely insane.
But boy those kisses made her turn into a hot liquid mess everytime.
She knew her dreams were just fantasies of her wildest dreams.
Were they really?

Matthew Sinclair, an angel from heaven was assined to watch over Nora. He couldn’t help himself. She was goregeous and sweet. And those pink lips of hers…
Damn, he couldn’t think straight being near her. She drove all his senses away,making his kissing her more and more of a problem.
His first and foremost job was to protect her. But hell it’s not easy. Why couldn’t he quard someone less beautiful and tempting.
But God wanted him to stay on as Nora’s Guardian angel.

Nora was driving to the groccery store when suddenly a man stands infront of her car. Braking her pedal hard and as fast as she could, Nora prayed she wouldn’t hit the man.
Why was he standing in the road like that? How did he suddenly appear there? Maybe she needs another cup of coffee and wake up.
Getting out of her car she heads over to the man.
“Can I help you?”, she asks.
“I don’t know who I am”, the stranger tells her.
Rushing over to his side she sees his head was injured badly.
“Come on in my car, I’ll take you to the doctor’s office in town”.
Walking to her car the dark haired stranger gets in.
Driving to the doctor’s office was long, quiet, and awakward for Nora.
Parking the car, the stranger and her head to the doctor’s office.
Nora explains to te nurse at the front desk the situation. The nurse quicklygets the doctor. Who then checks out the stranger. “Hm..definietly going to take awhile for his memory to get back. Other then that the stitches should stay intact til the wound is healed.”
“Thank you”, Nora told the doctor.
The doctor then took the stranger to his place. Until the stranger gets his memory back, nothing can be done.

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