Defying Fate Part 1

Middle age, Anne Smith, is deteremind more than ever to defy her fate. She is currently battling her long battle with cancer. With every procedure and check up doctors notify her wih only more negative news. Feeling like her life is being sucked away form her, Anne forms a plan to have fun before she’s stuck lying in bed til fate takes her away. Anne has always dreamed of swimming in the ocean’s clear blue waters and feeling the hot sand beneath her feet. Heading to Florida she rents a small white cabin. Being close to the beach, Anne can swim anytime she wants.
Kyle Winters, has rented a small cabin next door to Anne. His reason for being an escape from his work. He needed a break. What he didn’t know was that he will meet Anne, a beautiful woman, whose enthusiasm and bright smile makes him fal fast for her. Anne is nothing like most cancer victims in her stage of the cancer battle. She’s smart, witty, and fun.
Anne soon bumps into her neighbor. She finds out he too, is renting. Her nieghbor is hot, smart, and..single. Too bad her life would soon be over. No thanks to fate.
It’s not long before Anne and Kyle go from hot, steamy, no strings attached to wanting more than what they have. Anne sensing that Kyle feels the same way about as she does about him, leaves her cabin and heads back home. Kyle wanting to spend every moment with this incredible woman named Anne is sad when he discovers she has left. No idea where she left to. Feeling disappointed and like a part of him is missing, Kyle heads back to work.
Will Anne completely defy her fate? Will Kyle and Anne reunite? And what dire circumstances do they meet again? Will Kyle’s affection for Anne grow only stronger after finding out she’s battling cancer? Will Anne pull through?

To find out all this and more, come back tomorrow to read what happens next! 🙂

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