Finding Prince Charming Part 1

Lilly Green, was the high school’s geek. She always had her head stuck in her books. She answered every question perfectly. And she talked like a college professor whenever a student tried talking to her. None of the guys wanted to date her. She was too smart, too nice, too weird. Well, Lilly Green has changed. She now only answers when called upon, and reads when there’s nothing else to do. And answers in short sentences and only elaborates when asked. She also dresses more girly. New Lilly was still the old same Lilly only looked and spoke differently.
Lilly wanted to be different. She wanted to be liked by a guy. She wanted a friend.
All that changed when, she got to her World Literature class.
A new student was sitting in her seat!
Not just a student. A goood looking guy. Oh…my..gosh!
Someone pinch her!
The guy had to choose that moment to look up at her and smile.
Wow! The guy has an awesome smile. Feeling like she was staring too long she heads past him two seats back..until she trips over Syndney’s backpack.
Way to go me, Lilly thought. The guy seeing what happened got up and pulled Lilly up from the floor.
“Are you okay?”, he asked her.
“Yeah, yeah I’m fine.Thanks.”
Quickly turning around to sit in a seat, the guys moves over to sit by her.
” Hi, I’m Zach.”
“Hi, I’m..”
“She’s weirdo Lilly, I am Sydney.Hi. So, you are new?”
“Yeah, I’m new”.
Lilly turning to face the front felt like an utter fool. First tripping then being mocked in front of Zach.
Opening her notebook, a neatly folded note was placed on her desk. Grabbing it, Lilly reads it.
Sit with me at lunch?-signed Z
Glancing up she catches Zach eyes. Nodding at him, he smiles back. Feeling way better, Lilly can’t wait til lunch time.

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