Fireproof Part 1

Samuel Sterling, a fire fighter, for the town’s newly remolded fire department thought he could put his past behind him. He was wrong. Kathy Hawn, a widower, just moved in next door to the hotest bachelor in town. Not a good way to start her life over again. Having had gone through a terrible marriage with a controlling husband, Kathy wants to stay far away from men as much as possible. But having Samuel Sterling as her next door neighbor is hard for her not to feel attracted. Samuel having had his wife cheat on him with a rich man from a big city, and then only to die in a car “accident” a year later kept him from going anywhere near another woman.  His next door neighbor, Kathy Hawn, was the sweet innocent type of next door girl. Her soft features and curves made it impossible for him to concentrate on anything while she was near.

Write what happens when, a mysterious man comes to town.. and strange things start happening. Kathy is being harrassed..police are lead on a wild goose chase, and clues about Samuel’s wife’s death start poping up. Write what happens and who is the mysterious man. Did the mysterious man kill Samuel’s wife? And is he out to kill Kathy? If so why? Do Samuel and Kathy deny their attraction for each other?

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Best of Luck! 🙂

One thought on “Fireproof Part 1

  1. Ooooh! Maybe the mystery man is the rich guy Samuel’s wife left him for. He could be a sociopath. Maybe he is someone from Samuel’s past and that’s why he targeted Samuel’s wife before. And now that his wife is gone he is going to focus on the new girl in Samuel’s life, maybe to frame him!


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