Operation Unleashed Part 1

Tonio Santez, a United States Marine was asked to go under the toughest mission of his life..
Having to learn a new identity, fight his way to the top as a CEO undercover, and being a business man is easy. But what he wasn’t prepared for was the sexy brunette that is his secretary. There have been leaks in the company and all the trails lead to his secretary’s computer. But going through her profile, she’s the last person he would guess for a thief.
Cassandra Wilks, is the sexy long legged, perfect curves, and the pretty green eyes. Most guys are attracted to her, only want one thing. Cassandra has had to deal with men’s reactions to her looks. But despite her good looks she has a sharp tongue, advance technological knowledge, and can easily defend herself. What she doesn’t know is that the CEO she has to work for suspects her as the one leaking sensitive document information and money to accounts across the country. Cassandra thinks her new CEO is behind all the leaks.
Write what happens next when an employee is found murdered right inside the company…
Does Tonio and Cassandra still think that the other is the criminal or will they work together and find the real culprit behind it all before more murders pile up? Write all this and more in the comment area below for feedback!
Best of luck!!

P.s.   To find out what happens between Cassandra and Tonio and what happens next, please come back tomorrow and read what happens! 🙂 Thank you!

One thought on “Operation Unleashed Part 1

  1. I’d like to see Tonio and Cassandra work together instead of against each other in a platonic way. They could compliment each others skills. Maybe they’ll create the next super spy agency, that is after they count the other out as suspects and find the real culprit. I love detective type stories and they could make great detectives!


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