The Dark World War- Chapter 1





The Long Dark Road


The night was cool and rainy. The long dark road flanked by tall trees on both sides. A lone new blue car is racing down the road. Only one person occupied the car. A young woman in her late twenties was listening to the music on her iPhone through the speakers of her entertainment system via a Bluetooth device. She was secretly a Disney fan and loved the music and songs. You would not even know that she was once a Marine of the United States Marine Corp.

Well an ex-marine, she was honorably discharged because of battle injuries. Those injuries were healed, but she was not able to serve anymore. She wanted to carry on the family tradition of military service. But she was the only one in her family still alive that actually saw combat, but she did not serve no where near as long as her parents, grand parents, and cousins did. She was a marine for six years, as an ‘electronic warrior.’ Her skills were on the computer, and she hacked terrorist networks and even foreign powers.

Now she has a job as a reporter for the local newspaper. She has worked for them for almost a year now and she needs a break. Washington State may have been the state to go to for all the tech jobs, but all the companies wanted degrees, and she did not have that. She had more experience then anyone with a Masters Degree, but without that paper she was useless.

Her name was Miss Jennifer Lawernce, never married and no children. She was 28 now and very fit from her days in the Marines. Oh how she missed her friends in the corp. She did tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and a secret mission into North Korea. That mission is still classified and can’t be talked about. However her last mission was in Torra Borra Afghanistan her unit was ambushed by a suicide bomber and a mortar madman. She was the only one to survive after she programmed a drone that was flying nearby to attack the mortar. The American commanders found her through the reprogrammed drone’s flight path data plan.

Jennifer looked at her GPS and found that it did not know where it was. All Jennifer knew was that she was two hours north of Arlington which means that she is five hours north of Seattle. There is nothing but wilderness and an old road. No street lamps and the there is the threat of stray deer or moose up here. She was born in Arlington the town just south of were she was, but that doesn’t mean that she knew the whole area. In fact area that she was in looked very unfamiliar to her.


Then all of a sudden a black SUV rushes by her and turns to speed towards her.

“Holy shit!” Jennifer cussed as she saw the SUV come right at her. The driver in the black vehicle matches Jennifer’s speed of sixty miles an hour and is now right next to her. The driver then tries to shove her off the road.

“Okay you ass hole, let’s tango,” Jennifer then recalled her military training. Her friends called her the ‘psyco roadster’ for a reason. Though she wished that she had the old Humvee. Jennifer banks hard to her right hitting the black SUV forcing it to give her some room to move. Then she speeds up hoping that her little car can out speed the SUV.

“For a new Ford Focus this thing is not bad,” Jennifer said to herself. She was impressed with it. She normally liked Toyota’s for cars, Fords were perfect for trucks. Something a little different was what Jennifer was all about.

Then another SUV came out of the trees and right in front of her. It slows and the other SUV comes up next to her again. Then Jennifer did something super dangerous. She turned into the forest and lost the SUV’s. The ride down was super bumpy and she then crashed into a downed log and forced next to a body of water. Jennifer was still conscious and she grabbed her iPhone and ran out into the rain. She was looking over her shoulder seeing if she was being followed. So far all she heard was rain.

What was odd was that there was a strange looking fence. It was a standard metal fence with barbed wire rounded at the top. But there was a series of black boxes along the perimeter and behind the fences.

“Is this a base?” Jennifer asked herself.

A low buzzing noise came over the wind, and that buzzing was all too familiar to her ears. It was an attack drone, the kind that helps defend military installations. She should know, she used to operate them.

As she thought a black winged drone came surging towards her firing a machine gun at her. Jennifer dived and ducked behind a rock. The drone flies away, however it does something that she has never seen a drone do. It stops in mid air and spun around on it’s axis to as if look down at Jennifer.

A bright light is shined in Jennifer’s face from the ground and two Humvee’s pull up to her. These Humvee’s have large wheels, a variant that was designed to be driven through the forest.

“You are trespassing on private government property! You are under arrest!” one of the men shouted at Jennifer as he and several others came out of the Humvee’s pointing M-16’s at her. One of the Humvee’s had a top mounted machine gunner, the other had an automated missile launcher.

“That’s a lot of firepower for just one little reporter like me?” Jennifer said.

“Hands up, bitch!” he ordered again, a man with a Sergeant’s rank in the standard forest cammo.

Normally Jennifer would slam her knee in between his legs, but there are too many troops and way too much firepower. They would drop her in an instant.

“Okay, ass hole you win,” Jennifer put her hands behind her head. Another woman with a Corporals’ rank took her iPhone, and took her purse, and what ever was in her pockets. “Hey, I want those back!” Then someone from behind knocks Jennifer out.


Jennifer woke up in a dark room tied to a chair with a table in front of it.

“Oh man, never thought that I’d be on this side of the table,” she whispered to herself. She didn’t know if there was someone else in the room. She looked and noticed black sound proof paneling walls.

A door opens with a man in uniform walking in. She looked at him as he sat down in the other chair at the other end of the table.

“I never thought that I would see you again, Jennifer,” he said.

He sounded familiar to her, but Jennifer couldn’t quite place the name, “Do I know you?”

“You do, but you wouldn’t recognize me now,” then light fills the room to reveal a middle aged man in a General’s uniform. The name tag read Andrews.

“You’re a little young to be a three star General? I knew a General Collins Andrews from my days in the corp.” Jennifer said.

“That would be me. Like I said you wouldn’t recognize me,” the General noticed Jennifer’s look. “I’ll prove it. Remember that drone strike at Mosel in Iraq back 2007? You saw that the terrorist figured out how to hack the data feed? You gave it a final program that turned it into a kamikaze? It took out the ones controlling it and a whole deserted street block?”

“That was a classified mission? If what you say is true, then you would know what did Andrews tell me after that?” Jennifer tested this rather young looking General.

“I told you that you did beautifully and terrifyingly,” Andrews said.

Jennifer couldn’t believe it, “How, the, what the? What happened to you?”

“It’s complicated. I’d love to tell you, but you are as we say asleep in the bed of the enemy. You’re a news reporter now of all things. I pulled your military file. You were the perfect soldier as far as I was concerned. Now you’re struggling to make it out there in the civilian world. I remember how skilled you were it computer technologies, and I would like to hire you,” The General offered.

“Your goons trashed my new car, then I got knocked out and I’m tied up. I don’t remember the corp. being this ridicules in its recruitment policies,” Jennifer said with a hint of humor in her voice.

“Oh shit, sorry, forgot,” Andrews sighed and he got up and untied her. “You can stand up now.” Jennifer stood up and Andrews looked at her again. “Do you want a civilian job with us?”

“I’ve actually got nothing to loose now,” Jennifer responded.

“We will give you everything you need. A new apartment on base, a new car, and a few other things,” Andrews said as he was walking out. He tossed her the iPhone that she had. “I believe that’s yours.” He stopped for a moment. “Oh you will see very strange things here. Try to keep claim and an open mind.”


General Andrews Collins takes Jennifer Lawrence deep into the building and she is already seeing some strange things.

“Hey Gen A!” a strange high pitch voice screamed.

Jennifer turned and saw what she thought was an alien! The a typical grey alien from the conspiracy theories. It had big black eyes and grey skin and a spindly body with a big head.

“What Huxcu?” Andrews demanded.

“The coffee is gone again, and we need it to run the next experiment for you assholes!” the alien that Andrews called Huxcu spat.

“Don’t tell me that Ursula didn’t stock the mess again?” Andrews whined.

“Hey maybe I can help with that?” Jennifer offered. “I can make a really good brew.”

“Okay, Ursula keeps the coffee stuff in room 211B.” Andrews said.

Jennifer followed Huxcu to the room and gathered the coffee grounds and a few other items. Then in the coffee mess, which was typical of any government building. White walls with a counter with multiple coffee makers, and cabinets above, and a bunch of tables with chairs.

“So uh. Huxcu? What do you do here at Alington?” Jennifer asked.

“My people build new technology and test them. Our world was destroyed years ago, and we wondered space till we ended up here. In exchange for living on this world we build new tech for this tribe,” Huxcu explained.

“Sorry to here that,” Jennifer apologized.

“What ever,” Huxcu then took a cup of coffee as it was made by the maker that Jennifer just stocked. He slurped and hummed with what seemed like satisfaction. “Damn you weren’t kidding, when you said that you make a good brew. You’re the new coffee bitch now!” Huxcu laughed and walked out.

Andrews walked in with a smirk on his face.

“Is he always like that?” Jennifer asked.

“Actually he likes you. To here that from him is impressive,” Andrews said. Jennifer gave him a cup and they both drank it like marines do.

Out into the main lab which was five stories tall and two football fields deep, and another two football fields wide. There were many booths, machines, chain falls, and other things that Jennifer did not know what they were. At the very far end it looked like a version of the large hadron collider.

“We have a serious problem, and I was hoping that you would help us out?” Andrews asked.

“What could you people have a problem with?” Jennifer questioned her friend.

See that thing at the far end that we are heading to?” Andrews pointed to the hadron collider like machine.

“Yeah, what is it?” Jennifer asked.

“It is a machine built by our alien friends, it’s designed allow us to travel to other worlds, dimensions, and time periods,” Andrews mentioned.

“You’re kidding? There is no machine that I know of that can do that!” Jennifer whined.

“You’ll see, short stuff,” Andrews said her nickname.

Short stuff was Jennifer’s nickname in the Corp. a name that she so badly hated. She felt short, but she was of average height and size for a woman. Jennifer always wanted to be bigger and taller, but she was either average or smaller. She truly wanted to be larger, maybe she can ask the aliens if they could do that for her. All she would need to do is make them coffee it seemed.

General Andrews and Jennifer were on an electronic cart driving towards the massive machine. At the massive four story tall machine they see a massive number of workers, both Human and Alien, but also what look like terminator like machine robots working at computers, and other hardware.

“Sir, the colony at Alandashia has reported trouble with it’s computer systems, and they also report strange events happening,” an Army captain saluted to Andrews.

“Power up the Gateway Generator, and take a team over there,” Andrews turns to Jennifer. “Go with them.”

The massive machine warms up and a whirlpool of energy forms at its center. A wave of wind blows through the whole lab.

Jennifer watched as five soldiers with Navy SEAL insignia walk through the whirlpool of energy. Andrews ushered Jennifer to follow them through. She cautiously walked up to it and put her hand through the energy, it did not hurt, in fact she couldn’t feel a thing. Then she walks in and then it is as if she was falling.


Jennifer is deposited on a red dirt ground. The five SEALS help her up.

“Where are we Mars?” Jennifer asked as she looked out onto the landscape.

“No miss. Look there,” the Chief pointed to a massive dome in the red environment.

“What is that?” Jennifer asked the Chief.

“It’s where all the life on this world now lives,” he answered her.

They walked for about three miles to the entrance of the dome. A doorway that is designed to slide into the walls to provide maximum room for entry. Inside the land was very different. It was lush, green, water flowed in rivers, streams, and lakes. Tree, flowers, bushes, and all manner of flora and fauna. The sun shined and clouds formed. Birds chirped, and crickets chimed. To Jennifer this looked like something out of a fairy tale. Then a small Fairy like being flew up to the SEAL team. The chief held out his palm so the tiny female Fairy could land in it.

“Hey Flaua. Can you take us to our research team?” the Chief asked the Fairy named Flaua.

“Of course Chief, they are all at the Palace with Princess Marylynn,” Flaua said. She then flew into the air to lead them to the palace.

“A Princess? And was that a Fairy?” Jennifer asked.

“That was a Fairy, and her name is Flaua. She helped my team when we came here the first time. The Fairy people here were under attack from a weird Demon like creature. My men engaged and destroyed the Demon creatures. The Fairies thanked us and they have been our friends ever since,” the Chief explained.

The six Americans are in the vast beautiful white marble palace, escorted by Fairies, and Dwarves. They are told to wait well the Princess made herself decent to be seen.

Jennifer wanders onto the balcony and see’s a series of gardens with flowers of all kinds. There she saw a lovely tall woman with black hair. She was wearing the most lovely silver dress that Jennifer had ever seen, and she was humming a tune as she picked flowers. She saw Jennifer and smiled sweetly to her.

“Well hello there, and who might you be?” the rather young but tall lady asked kindly.

“I’m Jennifer Lawrence, I came with the American team to help fix the computer systems,” Jennifer explained.

“Oh, your one of the Americans? Oh that’s good. We have had a great big trouble be fall the kingdom,” the lady said as she came up to Jennifer.

She was taller then Jennifer, this lady stood five foot ten inches. She was also very curvaceous as well. Her hips were very pronounced and her breast, were very large. This gave her an hourglass like figure, a figure that Jennifer wished that she had.

“Lady Jennifer, are you an American technician?” the lady asked.

“I’m a computer expert they need me to fix the system,” Jennifer explained.

“I still find it strange that a culture has women as equals to men. And I like that about you Americans. Ever since your people have come, I have seen women doctors and warriors. The men can both build and cook as well. Also the greatest of inventions and technology that your people have,” she said walking with Jennifer.

“Yeah, we Americans are a weird bunch, but that’s our unique quality,” Jennifer said. “Oh I never caught your name.”

“Oh! Where are my manners? I am Princess Marylynn I am the ruler of this kingdom and an admirer of your people,” Marylynn smiled and held out her hand to Jennifer to shake hands with her.

Jennifer was in shock, “Oh I’m sorry! I’ve just never met a real Princess before.”

“Do not be. I like you Lady Jennifer. You are quite a female warrior. And you are very intelligent. I thank you for coming,” Marylynn welcomed Jennifer with a sweet smile like a child. The two girls walk back inside to were the Princess’s court and the American research team and the SEALS where.

Jennifer saw the computer system that the Princess had the Americans set up in the palace. The research team was welcomed into the palace to stay. She walked over to it and started to work on it’s software to see what was happening to it.

“My Princess!” a small male Fairy flew into the great courtroom.

“What is it Jevsa?” Marynlynn asked worried.

“A dark cloud has over taken the realms beyond and it heading this way!” Jevsa cried.

“The Evil One is here,” Marylynn said with dread.

“The Evil One?” Jennifer looked up with a cooked eye brow.

“The term that these people use to describe an entity that causes harm and mayhem,” an American researcher said to Jennifer.

“Well it looks like the software was corrupted by some kind of strange power surge. I can’t recover the data without better equipment,” Jennifer said.

“We need to leave anyway. Chief please me and my people need to leave. My kingdom is no match for The Evil One,” Marylynn begged the Chief.

“Chief, we need to leave!” Jennifer pointed out of a window to a black cloud coming in waves towards them.

“Okay! Get to the gateway and we’ll funnel as many of these people as we can!” the Chief ordered to his SEALS.


At least a thousand people follow the SEALS to the gateway outside the dome into the red dirt environment. The gateway opened up and the Chief orders everyone to go through three at a time. The black cloud consumes the dome and the kingdom is gone. As the black cloud came towards them, the last of the magical people are through the SEALS jump through and Jennifer was the last.


Jennifer again on the floor, but a familiar one. It was the lab floor and the machine behind her shuts down.

“You idiots have some explaining to do!” Huxcu complained as he looked at all the magical people. They looked at him with wide eyed amazement for none of them had ever seen a Grey Alien before.

“He is right about that!” General Andrews along with an elderly woman in a white Admiral’s uniform said coming down a stairwell.

“Roughly a thousand unauthorized personnel are in this lab. Would you like to explain this?” the woman demanded.

“Jennifer, this is Vice Admiral Emily Sertus. The one that is in charge of the entire United States Super Weapons Arsenal,” Andrews introduced the Admiral to Jennifer and Marylynn who just walked up to her.

“Please mad’am Admiral. My people will make ourselves useful to you, if you allow us to stay. We have no home now, I beg you,” Marylynn curtsy to the two star General, and the three star Admiral.

“This base is a highly classified military installation. However if your people stay within the perimeter. Your people can help defend the base,” the Admiral said.

“Oh thank you, madam Admiral!” Marylynn bowed to them.

“I’ll have some of my officers get quarters for all your people,” Andrews said and he had twelve officers go find places for them to live. “Jennifer may I talk to you?”

Jennifer walked with Andrews well the Admiral talked to the Princess.

“The Princess is actually important. I want you to look after her. She can walk off the base as long as you are with her. She seems to like you a lot,” Andrews asked.

“You want me to babysit the Princess?” Jennifer complained.

“You brought them here, It’s only fitting,” Andrews patted Jennifer on her shoulder and he walks away.

“Great! Just fucking great,” Jennifer cussed to herself.

The Princess walked up to Jennifer with a smile, “I have something for you.” The Princess gives Jennifer a pair of ear rings that were more beautiful then any that she had ever seen. “It is a thank you. I hope that you do not mind escorting me. I would love to see your people’s kingdom.”

She helped Jennifer put them on, and the former female Marine could not believe that someone would give her such a beautiful gift. She loved ear rings.

“These look as if they are meant for royalty?” Jennifer asked.

“They are. Only a Princess or a woman of beauty may wear them. However a Princess can give them to a friend that she feels deserves them. It is said that they have magical powers,” Marylynn explained.

“I don’t know what to say. No one had ever given me such beautiful ear rings before. Thank you,” Jennifer hugged Marylynn. The Princess hugged her back.

“Your welcome, Lady Jennifer. I cannot wait to see the nearby village tomorrow,” Marylyn giggled and walked away.


The next morning Jennifer and Marylynn who are dressed in average clothes of jeans and long sleeved shirts. Four of the Princess’s loyal friends are also with them disguised as Humans or small Humans. The city that Jennifer drove them too was Lynnwood, just south of Everett but north of Seattle. It is here that a large mall was called Alderwood. Marylynn goes through the high end clothes stores like a kid in a candy store.

Jennifer and Marylynn try on many new outfits and buy some too. Marylynn also loved the shoes. Later at lunch Marylynn enjoyed the food court too much. For a Princess, Marylynn seemed to have a bottomless stomach. She could eat the whole menu at every restaurant in the food court.

“You have one hell of an appetite?” Jennifer commented as Marylynn was still eating.

“But it is all just so good,” Marylynn said as she continued to eat.

“How is it that you are not getting fat?” Jennifer asked.

“Well I am half Fae and half Human. Fae are seven foot, powerful warrior people. They can also eat all they want without the limitations of food storage, like everyone else suffers from. So I can eat what ever I want and how much I want without getting heavy,” Marylynn explained offering Jennifer a bowl of soup. She takes it and drinks it.

“That’s quite an advantage. I wish I had that. Along with everything else that you have,” Jennifer said.

“You may find this a little odd then, I actually admire you Jennifer,” Marylynn said. This made Jennifer look at the Princess oddly. “You are strong, and smart. Everything that I am not.”

“You are strong and smart in your own right! Never let that thought hurt you,” Jennifer said sternly.

“Thank you, Lady Jennifer of Lawrence,” Marylynn smiled.

As Jennifer and Marylynn talked, another person was watching them. This was a woman that worked for the base that they all lived at. She was assigned to watch them to make sure that they did not get into trouble. Jennifer knows her only by her odd name, Sabre.

She was also tall, more then five and a half feet, at least taller then Jennifer. She had blue-black hair tied up in a pony tail. She was wearing a black female business suit that hugged her body tightly. She had an hourglass figure that rivaled Princess Marylynn perfectly. She too had wide hips, with a tight buttock. Her legs were toned and she had soft skin. Her breast were huge, and the shirt that she had on showed off her cleavage very well. She also wore glasses and her look was both classy and a modern badass chick vibe. She was an expert martial arts fighter, and just as smart. Sabre worked in a cubical in an office building for accounting.

What Jennifer, Marylynn or her American military employers do not know about her is that she is like the Princess a magical being. She was actually half Human and half Demoness. She worked for the same force that destroyed the Princess’s kingdom.

Sabre gets up and walks to the bathroom. She is alone and she locks the door and uses her powers to isolate the room. She goes to a mirror, waves her hand over it to make another image appear.

“My lord, the Princess is here in this realm. She and her people are being protected by the nation of this realm that I told you about before. What do you wish of me now?” Sabre asked.

“For now, monitor the Princess and keep her alive. Try to guide their missions to my ends. I have faith in you my favorite love,” the mysterious man said to Sabre.

“Yes my lord,” Sabre said as the image vanished. She broke the spell and walked out. She saw that the gorging Princess was finished eating. She and Jennifer were cleaning up and walking away. Sabre from a distance followed them as was her instructions from both the Americans, and her mysterious master. She knew that Jennifer knew that she was following, but Jennifer believed that Sabre was an American undercover operative. That will help in the long run for Sabre.


Near midnight Jennifer drives the five magical beings home, in Jennifer’s newly fixed blue Ford Focus car, back to the base with Sabre in the back in her brand new F-150 truck. Sabre loved Trucks and all the new gadgets.

The Princess collapses into her bed and sleeps in. Jennifer finds her way to her new on base apartment that she got setup in with. From there she sleeps and wonders what tomorrow will bring.

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