Angel’s Kiss Part 2

It was a day later when Sheriff Connor came by Nora’s place.

“Hey, Sheriff.”

“Hello, Ms. Nora.”

“Is this a social visit or abiut the stranger?”

“It’s about the stranger..I ran his picture into our database and his photo popped up.”

“That’s a good thing, Sheriff. Because he does’nt know who he is.”

“Yeah well…”

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s that he died over ten years ago. And what’s even more weird is that is DNA matches 100 percent to the dead body sample of supposedly him.”

“So, it could just mean he’s the son of the man he looks like, right?”

“Yes, except the DNA match would be about 90 percent matched. When it’a 100 percent then you got the exact same person!!”

That is very strange thought Nora. How could that even be slightly possible?

“That’s not all. He’ s missing from my place.No one has seen him or remember seeing him.”

“What about the doctor and the nurse, surely the do?”

“I tried them. They said they never seen him around. And what’s even more creepy I got a note that says,’she whoses so sweet will perish with me.’ ”
Nora couldn’t believe all that the Sheriff was telling her. Was she really in danger? Was that stranger really going to kill her? And is the stranger the same person who died so long ago? If so, why does he want her dead too?

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