Dark World War- Chapter 2

Chapter 2:

The Nine Magical Items


A conference is underway at the main office building deep inside the Area 51 like base in Washington state. Here military leaders, Generals, and Admirals have come across something very odd, and the Pentagon wants it investigated.

“The top of the brass have shipped over a piece of paper that is glowing gold?” a civilian researcher said almost like he was complaining.

“How the hell is it glowing gold? Is it radioactive?” a Marine General asked.

“Radioactive material typically glows blue,” an old Navy Admiral stated.

“They ran a radiation counter on it, and it has no radiation what so ever,” another Army General answered.

General Andrews looked at the pictures on the computer display in front of him and it looked familiar to him. “This thing looks similar to the Declaration of Independence? Our founding fathers used this.”

“Actually, General you’re right, it does?” Admiral Sertus commented as she looked at the computer screen in front of her. “What does this mean?”

“Perhaps we should examine it before we go any further,” Andrews suggested.


Princess Marylynn and Jennifer where at the lake beach front that was on the massive base. A day at the beach for it was Saturday and Jennifer promised to take the Princess to the beach. Since they cannot leave the base, this was the next best thing. The lake itself was huge and had three rivers and streams flowing into it and one massive river going out into Puget Sound. It was the last days of summer and the temperatures will start to cool down quickly.

During one of Marylynn’s shopping extravaganzas she bought several bathing suits and wanted to try at least one out this year. She had on a smaller then normal bikini that was blue and white. The Princess was enjoying showing off her figure even though there was only Jennifer around. Marylynn stood five foot ten inches in height. She had very long toned legs, and her hair reached down to her butt. Her butt was itself was toned yet curved very well. Her breast were very large and the bikini looked to be having a hard time covering her. She stomach was flat and soft and looked very flexible. Her arms were light on toned muscle. Overall Marylynn looked the part of a very beautiful very sexy very curvaceous lady. She truly is the kind of woman that any man would want, and she also the body that any woman would want to have.

Jennifer was truly envious of the Princess. She wished that she was as tall and had those curves too. But instead she stood five foot three or four inches, weighed less then 125 pounds. She had more muscle then the Princess but that was about it. Her body had many scares across her body, though her skin has healed and the scars no longer hurt, they were still there and noticeable. Jennifer had powerful toned muscular legs, and arms. Her stomach had a very light six pack from all the exercises that she does on a regular basis. Her breast were a fraction the size of Marylynn’s and where more muscular than fatty like the Princess’s were. Because of the numerous scares Jennifer wore the standard issued one piece Marine Corp. females bathing suit that was all black.

“Jennifer! Do you want to have a swimming race?” Marylynn giggled for she was in a very playful mood.

Jennifer was reading a book on her Samsung galaxy tablet. She put it down and rose up to challenge the Princess. “You’re on your highness.”

The Princess smiled and walked to the water as Jennifer ran towards the water. They both walked into the lake’s cold water getting their bodies use to it. “Are you ready?”

“On the count of three, then. One, Two, Three!” Jennifer roared and then she swam with all her might. The Princess followed after her.

Despite Jennifer’s smaller size she was in fact much, much stronger, and more aerodynamic in the water. Marylynn had to fight not only her weaker strength, but also her body was not toned for a race in the water. Jennifer was now easily thirty feet away, and she stopped at a red buoy. Two minutes later Marylynn finally caught up to her at the buoy.

“Wow, Jennifer! You are like a Mermaid,” Marylynn complimented.

“When I was in the Corp we had to master three different swimming techniques. It also helps to have a bod built to be aerodynamic for the water,” Jennifer explained.

“I wish I was as strong as you, and as fast in the water,” the Princess smiled.

“With a little bit of practice and training, you can be,” Jennifer said. “Let’s get back to shore, the old bat is over there waiting for us.”

Admiral Sertus was indeed at the lake shoreline waiting for the two younger females to return. The two walked out of the water and stood in front of the old woman.

“Get dressed and lets go to conference building, now!” she stated so firmly that it looked as if she was going to smack them.

“Yes, ma’am,” Jennifer said and went to her bag to get a towl.

“What is it?” the Admiral demanded looking at Marylynn.

“I did not bring any other clothes? Me and Jennifer came here in her horseless carriage. I only had a towel on,” Marylynn looked embarrassed.

Emily Sertus sighed and rubbed her old eyes in frustration. She remembered the other day when the Princess went through the lab with a rather revealing dress or should she say corset. Apparently in the kingdom where the Princess comes from, they are allowed to do that. She has yet to learn that it is inappropriate to do half the things in this world.

“I have some things she could wear, really quick. She use her magic to make them all fit,” Jennifer tossed Marylynn a pair of jeans, shoes, socks, a belt, and a loose t-shirt. This left Jennifer with her own shoes, socks, jeans, and a black tank top.


At the main office complex Admiral Sertus escorted Jennifer and Marylynn through all the security check points, and signs them in. Marylynn is so enthralled by the wonders that the American military has created. To Jennifer it was a typical government white painted hallway with monitors hanging from the overheads, and cameras everywhere. Some of the doors had no handles, only a machine that read key cards could open those doors.

Admiral Sertus slides a white key card through the reader and the door snaps open. Jennifer and Marylynn walk through into a dark room with a very large LED monitor showing an image of a document and the information that they had on it.

“Perhap’s the Princess can help explain the glowing part of this document?” a General suggested.

“I can, where did you get this?” Marylynn asked in wonder.

“It’s been in our archives for more the two centuries. Our founding fathers like George Washington had it. He claimed to have found it two years before the Revolution started in a forest somewhere in upper New York State,” Andrews answered.

“Do you have the actual document?” the Princess asked.

Admiral Sertus tapped a few buttons at her desk and the floor opened up to allow a small case on a petistool to come up in front Princess and Jennifer.

“Do you realize what you have here?” Marylynn asked looking shocked at the document.

“We were hoping that you could tell us?” Andrews said.

“This is one of the nine! You have one of the nine sacred objects! This document is a gift to your people!” Marylynn said surprised.

“What do you mean?” Sertus asked.

“There are nine sacred magical objects. They are almost useless to you Humans, but to other magical beings, they are coveted greatly. This is the Manuscript! This has great powers like all the other items. Each one is different and this one’s powers are that it can grant unlimited wisdom to the reader that it see’s as worthy of it, and it can show where the rest of the items are. It can tell you also what ever you need to know about it,” Marylynn explained. “I guess you could call it the American Manuscript of the Founding Fathers. It did after all help found your country and showed them how to set everything up.”

“We can’t read the damned thing though. Can you?” Sertus asked.

“I can read it. Only a magical being  can read it, but only a non-magical being can handle the items without being affected by it’s power. Well that is if the items want to affect a non-magical being anyway. They do seem almost alive in a way, have personalities of their own,” Marylynn explained.

“Where might we find the first item then, so that we can study it?” Andrews asked.

Marylynn approached the document and reads it. “It says that it is in some place called China in the year 632 BC?” Marylynn had never heard of this kingdom before.

“Oh you have got to be fucking kidding me? In China with their Dragon Emperor? Oh this will be fun,” Andrews laughed in frustration.

“Hopefully we don’t have another accident with time travel like you did, General,” Sertus said.

“I’m not going through that again!” Andrews said.

“Wait a damned minute! You people are talking about going back through time? Is that even possible?” Jennifer asked.

“Remember that machine that brought the Princess and all her followers here? That very same machine can also allow for time travel as well,” another General in an Army uniform said.

“We will send a covert strike team back to that era to retrieve the item. Princess what is the item that we are looking for?” Sertus demanded.

“It is a teapot. It will be plain but colorful. Take the document with you and it will glow for you so that you may find it,” Marylynn said.

“A teapot? What does it do?” Andrew asked.

“The document does not say. Maybe if we get it here then it will tell us or we will figure it out?” Marylynn suggested.

“Very well then. We will assemble a strike team of SEALS and Delta Force units and they will retrieve the item. Have the Greys prepare the machine,” Sertus ordered.

“Yes Admiral,” Andrews responded. General Andrews Collins was in charge of the base, but Admiral Emily Sertus was in charge of the whole project.

“Oh this will be so exciting!” Marylynn smiled happily.

“You and Jennifer will go with them,” Sertus ordered.

“Why me? There are no computers back them?” Jennifer asked.

“You are also an excellent combatant. And you are going to help protect Marylynn as she helps to look for this teapot,” Sertus said.


The Greys have powered up the machine and have programed it for time travel. A unit of thirteen SEALS and Delta Force units along with Jennifer and Marylynn are in front of the machine as it powered up and opens the portal to the past.

“When ever you’re ready!” Huxcu yelled.

The whole team walk through the portal and venture back in time.

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