Operations Unleashed Part 2

Undercover Marine agent, Tonio Santez still suspected Cassandra Wilks. His secretary. Leaking highly sensitive documents from the company and extorting the company’s money into false accounts all over. What he didn’t know was that Cassandra suspected her new CEO boss as the prime suspect.

The leaks were happening since he started working here. Cassandra decided to confront the bastard using her .22 caliber pistol. That should make him talk. Tonio making his way over to his secretary decided he will seduce her into telling him everything she knows. Just as the two were about to start the interrogations, a gun goes off. 

Damn it, they both thought. Next, the lights went off. 

“What’s next?”, she  asked Tonio.

“I don’t know, you tell me.”

“What?! You are the one leaking the companies documents and taking their money.”, she growled at him.


“Oh so you do not deny it!”, she accused him.

“That’s ridiculous. I’m an undercover agent, Ms. Wilks. Maybe it’s you”, he accused back.

“Never! I maybe a hacker, but I would never destroy a decent way of making a nicely six figure income!”

“Maybe you got greedy?”

“Maybe you are just buying your time,because I have a pistol in my hand.”

Looking straight at her face, then at her hands, he noticed the pistol. The woman was serious. Better play nice, he thought.

“Okay, so if you didn’t then why are all the leaks coming from your computer in your office!”

“I never use the company’s computers. Everyone here, including my boss will tell you so!”

“Fine then, stay here.”

“Where are you going?”

“I’m going to go check out for intruders and see who’s been shot.”

Damn it. Now, I’ll be left alone in the dark with a crazy guy shooting people. 

“I’ll come with you.”

“Afraid of the dark, Cassandra?”, he said teasing her.

“As if, I don’t want you running away in-case you really are behind it all”, she replied.

Just as they headed to the nearest desk, they searched for flashlights. Finding one, they search the floor for intruders. Having gone through three floors and nothing, the lights went back on. That’s weird, they both thought. Police made their way in. Behind them were paramedics carrying a dead body. Stopping the medics, Tonio flashes his badge, and looks at the victim. Cassandra looking over her shoulder recognized the body.

“That’s Jimmy the company’s accountant. He said he found strange things going on with the accounts”, Cassandra informed him.

“Who all knew about Jimmy’s discovery of what was going on with the company’s accountants?”,he asked her.

“Our former boss, who’s dead, Karen, the boss’s wife, Karen’s other man might, and me.That’s all who I know might have known.”

The head police chief handed Tonio a piece of paper. “That was left on top of the body. Thought you would like to look at it before we take it in for evidence.”

“Thanks”. Reading the piece of paper it said, ‘One down, many more to drown’. Handing it back to the chief, Tonio heads back to the office. Cassandra following his every step.





2 thoughts on “Operations Unleashed Part 2

  1. I was surprised Tonio told her he was undercover so soon. But maybe that will pave the way for them to work together instead of against each other. Why not put a hidden nanny cam pointed at Cassandras computer to find out who is using it…


    1. Lol.. I was getting to that point. There will be a computer surveliance cam involved. 🙂


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