The Outcast Part 1

Jeff Burris, was one of many kids who were left to grow up alone on the streets. He had to learn to fight or to be beaten up. Now sixteen, Jeff has learned to make his way up in the world. He started helping an elderly man cut his lawn. He soon was offered a job as a shop assistant at the man’s store in town…
Until there there was a robbery. The police found a gang of street kids who claimed the Jeff had given them keys to break in.
The police took the keys the kids had and indeed they were the shop’s keys.
Jeff didn’t do it. He wondered how the others he knew got them. And why did they say he gave them the keys. He would never hurt the older man like that. The older man was generous enough with paying Jeff. He also gave Jeff a free room to live in and made him an assistant. The older man’s trust meant a lot to him. The police went to inform the shop owner of the event. But when there they found the shop owner dead. Laying on the floor, blood everywhere, Jeff ran to the old man’s side. No pulse. The police took a look around and some asked the neighbors questions. Jeff was heart broken. First, the shop is broken into and stolen from. Second, the gang blamed him for the crime. And now someone had killed the only person who had cared about Jeff.
What’s going to happen now? Will the police arrest me for both crimes? Who did this?
Jeff’s tears and sadness turned slowly to anger.
The police took the body away and told Jeff that he wasn’t to leave town. And that he needs to grab his stuff and find another place til there were done investigating the house.
Jeff feeling numb went to his room and took a bag of cloths and a picture of him and the old man at a baseball game. As Jeff remembered that day, the tears came down even more…
Where will I go? He thought. A police woman came in and asked him if he was okay.
“Yeah, I’m..”
“It’s okay.Things like this happen all the time. We will find the murder and most likely the one who gave the keys to that street gang.”
“You, think I’m innocent?”
Looking at Jeff’s eyes, she felt his pain. “Yes, I do. I knew the old man. And he thought the world of you. Like his own son. He talked about you a lot.”
“Thanks..where do I go now?”
“The next door neighbor, Susie. She said she’d take you in, in a heartbeat. Plus, she said how could you survive without her good cooking?”
Laughing for the first after everything that happened, Jeff felt a touch better. “Yeah her cooking is the best.But it won’t be the same with out him..”
“Come on, I’ll walk you over.And I promise I’ll tell you everything we find out.”

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