Dark World War- Chapter 4

Chapter 4:

Dark Love:


Somewhere deep in the dark and far away from anyone. A powerful Demoness woman is in a bed being made love too. Her mate is the Evil One in the form of powerful dark energy and also solid as well. She enjoys every pulse, every push, every touch that her body feels. She breaths heavily as the Evil One’s power courses through her.

After a few hours of this, the sex ends with a big powerful man forms next to the Demoness, holding her tightly.

“Oh my love, no one has ever made such powerful love to me before,” she spoke laying her head onto his chest.

“Of course. You are after all my favorite, Everett. I have always had an eye out for you. And I was correct. You did not disappoint, better then any woman that I’ve had,” the Evil One spoke into the Demoness’s ear who is named Everett.

“Even more then my sister?” Everett Questioned playfully.

“Yes of course,” the Evil One then kisses Everett on her lips.

Everett felt movement from inside her belly. Everett smiled evilly as she and the Evil One placed their hands on Everett’s stomach.

“Oh yes. Hopefully I can give you what you wish for,” Everett smiled and kisses him more passionately.


The next day the Demoness Everett appears in the Human world dressed like a sexy college student. She had on a pair of tight fitting jeans with a belt. She had on a very low cut short sleeved buttoned shirt that revealed much of her rather large cleavage. Her long thick Blue-Black hair flowed freely and went all the way down to her butt. Her lips were red and her eyes were green. Her smile seemed to enchant any man that looked at her, and her playful wink made them want her. She enjoyed being sexy, and powerful, and her Demoness powers where beyond what any normal one was, but she looked completely Human though a little bit tall. She stood five foot seven inches, which was average. Yes she enjoyed her powers of seduction, and her lustful nature.

Everett was looking for an apartment complex for someone. She found the address and went up a flight of stairs to an apartment that had only one occupant. She knocked twice and the door opens. The woman that answered it look identical to her.

“Well hello Sabre. Can I come in?” Everett smiled.

“Whatever, sister, make yourself at home,” Sabre grunted in annoyance at her more energetic sister.

Everett walked in and then she went into the kitchen because she was very hungry. Sabre noticed that that her twin sister was walking a little odd, and that her appetite was greater then ever. That can mean only one thing.

“I take it, Everett that you’re pregnant?” Sabre asked.

“Oh yes I am. I made passionate, and powerful love to our master,” Everett said with lust in her voice. “Oh Sabre you have almost nothing in the cabinets! I am seriously hungry. I have a growing baby to feed, and myself too.”

“You have always had a gluttonous appetite, you have an iron stomach and can devour anything that is edible and almost unlimited amounts of it too,” Sabre reminded her gluttonous twin sister.

“So sue me, I was always a hungry, sexy gal. It’s part of my charm,” Everett smiled at Sabre as she went through the cabinets and raids the fridge for anything to eat.

“I can’t get the amount of food that you want without getting people suspicious. Also I have work to go to. I have a paycheck coming tomorrow, and we’ll go out then,” Sabre said.

“Tomorrow! I can’t go that long without something in my belly!” Everett whined.

“Uh, how the hell are you able to keep such a thin and sexy figure with the amount of food you feast on?” Sabre questioned.

“I can’t help it, I’m a growing girl,” Everett smiled.

“You’re twenty six years old now. The only way you can grow on is to use potions and gain enormous powers. Or in your current case get knocked up and make the baby explode in size,” Sabre said.

“If I didn’t know better Sabre, I would say that you are jealous?” Everett thought.

“Me? Jealous of you? You’re a glutton, and way too happy for my taste. And besides I’m better in bed then you are, always have been,” Sabre boasted.

“Not according to our master. You may have made love to him first but I was able to satisfy him better then you,” Everett said back. “So how are the ten children that you had with him?”

“I wouldn’t know they are probably all grown up now. I have not seen any of the ten that I had from my experience in sex with the master,” Sabre admitted.

“Too bad. I would have tried to find them. I do love children after all,” Everett said.

“Will I don’t they are messy, and drive me crazy. Not to mention they are painful to push out. Fun to make, yes, but that’s the only part I like,” Sabre stated.

“I want food!” Everett felt her belly growl with hunger. It was loud enough for Sabre to hear.

“I’ll order pizza then. The one thing we seem to like together,” Sabre offered annoyed.

She did not want to hear her sister whine, nor did she want to hear Everett’s belly grumble all night.

An hour later four pizza’s were dropped off at Sabre’s apartment.

“Cute delivery boy. Too bad I’m pregnant,” Everett said as she smiled the pizza.

“Yeah too bad your pregnant indeed,” Sabre said off handedly.

Sabre only had three slices. She watched as her twin sister devoured a whole box of pizza, and then another, and another. She finished off the pizza that Sabre got the slices out of. She was not too surprised by this, but she is shocked by the fact that Everett’s stomach started to bulge for the first time. She never gained weight before even from eating so much. The baby was indeed growing inside her. Everett undid her belt and unzipped her pants, and also undid the bottom buttons of her shirt. This allowed her belly to grow without being hindered.

After eating all the pizza, Everett still complained that she was starving. Then her belly seemed to jump. Everett giggled in delight as this happened.

“That baby of yours must be super strong?” Sabre said.

“Oh he is. I know now that it’s a boy, a very strong, powerful, baby boy,” Everett held her stomach heaving. The twins watched as Everett’s belly began to expand slowly.

“And a monster. Well it looks like even you will not give our master his desired divine child,” Sabre said feeling her sister’s stomach sensing the baby’s power and form.

“He’s a monster? Oh well I still love him. Can’t wait to bring him into the world. I would say maybe a few more days now,” Everett said.

“I agree. Maybe three days at the most. It’s going to be a powerful beast indeed,” Sabre said walking away. She went into the kitchen to get a vial out of a drawer. She showed it to Everett. “Do you know what this is?” Everett looked surprised and smiled. “Use it when you are trapped. Only drink it after you give birth or your baby with absorb it instead of you.”

“I know chemistry, Sabre. That stuff will make any creature grow,” Everett took the vial from her sister and put it in a pocket in her shirt. “Understood, sister.”

“We’ll go to the hospital tomorrow too so we can get some baby things for you. Can’t have you give birth in the hospital and answering questions that we really can’t afford to tell them,” Sabre said.

“Okay, I don’t want them to hurt my baby,” Everett said and then she got up to go to the bathroom.


The next day Sabre goes to work at the base, leaving Everett at home to watch TV, read books, or play video games.

Everett was bored reading Sabre’s old tech magazines. She had to wait for Sabre to come home so they could go shopping. Everett felt her belly rumble powerfully with hunger.

“I can’t take this anymore!” Everett said to herself. Since she cannot fit her pants she looked through Sabre’s closet and found a skirt that can fit around her. “I didn’t think she went for skirts? Good thing she has it though.”


Everett goes out with the skirt and a loose shirt. She felt her belly rumble as she walked down the street. “Alright already! I know your hungry, so am I.” Everett saw a convenience store and went in it to get a quick snack. She used her powers of seduction on the cashier and got a free meal. She walked out leaving the one and only young man hypnotized and unconscious.

The hospital in Arlington was the first thing she saw, and remembered that she will soon need supplies for giving birth to this baby that is growing inside her. She uses her power to make herself invisible and walked in. She went to the maternity ward to gather the supplies.


A female Army officer walked through the hospital looking for a few of her soldiers that might have ended up here from a party last night. She noticed something odd in the maternity ward, so the officer goes into investigate. In a room a tall long black haired woman appeared out of thin air. The female officer pulled out her M9 Pistol and quietly entered the room without the mysterious woman noticing.

“And this should be it,” Everett said to herself believing that she is alone.

“And I’ll blow your damned head off!” the female Army officer warned pointing her pistol at the back of Everett’s head. “Hands up, bitch!” Everett did as the officer said. She dropped the bag of stuff and she was forced out to another part of the hospital. It leads to a secret tunnel that goes under the hospital.

“What is this place?” Everett asked.

“That’s classified, bitch!” the officer shoved Everett down the stairs and to the bottom. There was a small station with a rail car. “Get in!”

The rail car takes off at high speed down the magnetic track. In thirty minutes the train stops at another station with dozens of American soldiers ready to take Everett into custody.


In the main lab Jennifer, Marylynn, and the retrieval team walk through the portal with teapot in hand.

“Good you got it. Now what does it do, Princess?” Andrews ask.

“I need to read the manuscript to figure that question out,” Marylynn took the document from the Sergeant, opens it and begins to read. The Princess looked confused.

“I take it that you don’t know?” Jennifer asked.

“No, the document does not say. I need to do more research,” Marylynn

Admiral Sertus took the teapot and placed it on a table with a scientist working at a computer. “Try to figure out what this damned thing does, Markus.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Markus said as he adjusted his glasses and grabbed a scanning device.

“While he’s busy with that. Miss Jennifer, I have another task for you,” Sertus said. “How are your interrogation skills?”


“Is that Sabre?” Jennifer asked looking into a holding cell from a one-way glass.

“No it isn’t. Sabre is at her desk as we speak going through invoices from purchases at the exchange. This woman is someone who just bares a striking resemblance to her. I want you to figure out who she is, and what she wants? And why she was stealing from Arlington Hospital’s Maternity Ward?” Sertus informed Jennifer.

“Okay? Here goes nothing then,” Jennifer said walking into the room.


Everett looked up to the opening door, and saw Jennifer walk in by herself. Jennifer had to admit that this woman was indeed attractive, but she had a wicked persona to her.

“Well, you’re certainly not what I expected for an interrogator,” Everett smiled sexually.

“And you are not what I pictured as a thief. You are not even Human are you? According to your blood work anyway,” Jennifer began.

“Oh? You people stole some blood form me? So what did you think?” Everett asked.

“You have some interesting traits, for a she Demon. So why were you stealing from a maternity ward? Not much money to be made from that,” Jennifer questioned.

“I didn’t want money, honey. I needed those items for something else,” she said.

“What’s your name?” Jennifer asked.

“I’m Everett. So what’s yours?” Everett asked.

“My name is Jennifer Lawrence, and that’s all you need to know,” Jennifer said.

“Jennifer? Such a plain and ordinary name. Judging by your looks, I would say that you are or were a soldier?” Everett said commenting on Jennifer’s one noticeable scar on her arm.

“I was a Marine,” Jennifer said.

“A Marine? You? Wow you’re tougher then I thought sweetie,” Everett giggled.

“Back to my questions. Why were you at the hospital?” Jennifer asked.

Jennifer heard a loud rumble coming from Everett. Not her mouth, but her stomach. That told her everything. “You’re pregnant. Aren’t you?”

“Very good. Your smarter then I thought too. Yes I am pregnant. And I happen to be extremely hungry. Both me and my baby,” Everett said as Jennifer looked down at the now noticeable bulging belly of Everett.

For some odd reason Jennifer felt jealous of this Demoness. She was taller, sexier, and way more attractive, and apparently able to get a man to get her pregnant. She looked rather young too.

“What’s the matter, honey? You look as if you’re jealous,” Everett commented.

“What am I to be jealous of?” Jennifer spat losing her cool.

“Oh yes you are. You are actually so very seriously overcome with jealously, envy, and a few other things as well,” Everett smiled evilly at Jennifer getting under her skin.

Jennifer slammed the file shut and stormed out, leaving Everett chuckling. Her belly rumbled again. “Oh yes my baby. I just need some time to figure out how to get out of here.”


Jennifer walked away angry passed Sertus, and Andrews. They both saw what happened. They both also thought it would be best to leave Jennifer alone.

“Send in Markus to do psychological, and biological work on her,” Andrews said to Sertus.

“Agreed, get him,” the Admiral said.


Markus walks in with a cart full of machines and test equipment. Everett smiled sensuously at the scientist with the glasses.

“So you’re the only one brave enough to come in here. Who might you be?” Everett asked.

“I am Markus Caesar. I’m a biologist and advanced psychologist,” Markus said a little impressed and intimidated by Everett.

“Markus Caesar. I like that. And you’re a scientist too. I love smart men. Though I am more of a physical science and chemistry fan myself,” Everett said.

“Oh? You’re a scientist for your kind?” Markus asked curious about her.

“In a way I am,” Everett thought for a moment. “Science was one of my strongest skill sets for knowledge.”

“You’re an expert in chemistry? How about metallurgy? Or atomic research?” Markus asked.

Everett’s smile switched from evil to genuine. She was never asked about her favorite subjects before. “I like you. I prefer chemistry personally. I have advanced knowledge in metallurgy and nuclear physics too. In fact I’m the only Demoness that actually has any knowledge in nuclear science.”

“Why is that?” Markus asked.

Everett noticed that her charms and spells were not working on him. This made things more interesting and fun to her. She knew that she was not suppose to tell but this man and these people will eventually find out.

“The radiation generated by nuclear technology is hazardous to all magical beings. Our powers are the first to go, then the same effects that afflict your people start on us. I for some odd reason am tolerant to radiation, but I suffer from the biological affects. Every Demon and Demoness avoid radioactive things except me. I have as much knowledge about that subject as your teams of scientist, technicians, and engineers do,” Everett explained.

Markus thought for a moment then Everett giggled as her stomach seemed to jump.

“What is it?” Markus asked.

“My baby is moving,” Everett said happily.

“May I do an ultrasound on you then?” Markus asked.

“Only if you do it,” Everett smiled then she lifted her shirt up and pulled her skirt down to expose her belly. It wasn’t that big but large enough to be noticed. Markus rubbed a clear cream on her belly and he ran a device over her stomach. “Oh a little cold, but still. You are not to bad at this.”

“I’ve done this before,” Markus lost his words as he looked at the screen. He was shocked by what he saw. “My god? What is that?”

“Can I see?” Everett asked excited. Markus turns the screen so Everett can see. “Oh my, he is quite the baby. He’ll be a powerful being.”

“You don’t mind a creature like that growing in you?” Markus asked.

“I do this for him,” Everett mentioned.

“For who?” the scientist asked.

“My master. He desires a divine child. And I am one of the most powerful Demoness’s ever to live, so naturally he would want me to bare a child for him. I do this gratefully for him. I am willing to give birth to monsters for him,” Everett said.

“Why?” he asked.

“Because he loves me, and I so very much love him,” Everett said with lust in her voice.

“It doesn’t sound like he loves you. If he did then he would be fighting us right now trying to get to you,” Markus mentioned.

Everett’s smile then faded and she fell back. Her belly then rumbled with hunger again. “I’m hungry.”

“I can tell. From all my scans of you, you’re in need of a lot of energy. I’ll see if the military types can give you their M.R.E.’s, lots of them,” Markus offered.

“Thank you? Why would you do that?” Everett asked.

“I’m curious,” is all the scientist with glasses said as he walked out with is cart of equipment.


An hour later several scientist cart in carts full of packaged items. It was the M.R.E.’s that Markus promised. She could smell food, high energy food. After ten minutes they close the door leaving her all by herself. She was alone and she knew it.

“I need to get out of here,” Everett said to herself rubbing her belly. “I don’t have the strength or the power to escape. But you do,” Everett looked down talking to her stomach. Then she remembered the vial that Sabre gave her. She snapped her fingers and searched her pockets. She found it, and she smiled wickedly. “Oh yes! You are going to be a very big baby. Hopefully you stop long enough for me to bring you into this world. I need you to break us free.”

Everett drank the small vial and for a moment nothing happened. Then she felt her belly churn, making Everett laugh as her baby began to change and grow. “Oh yes! Now for all this delicious food!”


Jennifer stormed into the lab where it was empty. She sat in a chair to think. She really had to get this crap under control. But still, first Marylynn, now this Everett, what is wrong with me, she thought. Jennifer turned her head and noticed that the teapot that she helped bring back was on another table unattended. Jennifer got up and went to it to better examine it.

“Huh? Maybe I can figure this out,” Jennifer looked around to see if anyone was around. “Back at my place.” Jennifer placed the teapot into a bag that she found and walked away.


An hour later Jennifer walks into her apartment, puts her purse on the dining room table. The purse has the teapot in it. She went into the kitchen to get a coke out of the fridge. She came back to the teapot and took it into her bedroom and sat on her extra large bed. She loved her extra large bed. Jennifer got her tablet out and searched ancient Chinese relics. She found the teapot, and the internet told her nothing useful.

“Damn, so even the internet doesn’t know. Who’d thought,” Jennifer said to herself.

She then noticed something inscribed at the bottom of the teapot. She knew a little bit of Chinese, but not enough. So Jennifer googled Chinese characters symbols in order to translate what is written.

“Okay so it says grants, unlimited, wishing, powers?” Jennifer cocked her eye brow in confusion. “So you supposedly grant unlimited wishes.” Jennifer looked at it. “I wish you could. Oh what I’d wish for.”

She looks at it and then sighs, and then walked into the bathroom, “Oh what the hell.” She put it on the counter in her bathroom. “I wish that all my scars would vanish and all my injuries could be healed.”

Her wish seemed to come true. The scars visible on her arms and the one on her neck were now gone. Jennifer took off her top and pants, standing in front of her bathroom mirror in her underwear. It her shock all twenty three of her scars all over her body were all gone. “Holy crap! This thing actually works!”

Jennifer looked over her body, or in her opinion short, average body. Jennifer then remembered Marylynn and Everett, and how attractive they were. Her envy then overtakes her thought and she see’s this as her chance.

“Teapot, listen to me and what I want next. I want to be more then six feet tall, I want my body to be large toned and muscular. I want my breast to be enormous, larger then Everett and Marylynn combined. I want to be the strongest Human alive, fastest, and be the best at what ever I am tasked with.” The teapot glowed and Jennifer watched as her body started to grow. She moaned with pleasure as her body expanded. Jennifer hit her head on the celling and she realized that she is now more then six feet in height. She looked in the mirror and realized that she was naked. Her bra had snapped off, because her breast were larger then she had originally realized. Jennifer thought that she could now be the largest naturally breasted woman, even for a woman of her size now.

“I guess I need new clothes now,” Jennifer giggled as she admired herself in the mirror. She looked at the teapot, “I want all my clothes to be able to fit me, but not too much.”

Jennifer just could not believe her eyes. She was a tall hulking woman now. She was now so very strong. This teapot could give her what ever she wanted. “I’ll call in sick tomorrow. I want to enjoy this.”


Late in the next day Markus opened the door to the cell room holding Everett and he was shocked by what he saw. Everett’s belly had swollen to a size that almost rivaled her own body size.

“My god? What happened?” Markus asked flabbergasted.

“Those food packages were so good. It fueled my baby’s growth so much so that I’m almost ready,” Everett said sounding exhausted.

“You look as if you’re going to explode?” Markus commented.

“Oh no. I am known for having an iron abdomen. I can put anything in it,” Everett struggled to say. She was exhausted but satisfied with what she has done.

Markus got his scanner and put a device on her belly to see inside her.

“Well? How’s my magnificent baby doing?” Everett huffed.

“Good lord,” was all Markus could say as he looked at the monitor.

He showed Everett what was on the monitor. She smiled evilly as she saw the monster inside her. Then a massive pulse of pain surged from between her legs. She wailed and cried out in pain.

Nurses came in with sheets, and medical equipment. They laid her on the floor with a pillow to rest her head on.

In one moment Everett started screaming and did not stop. Black blood and a black mist started to pour out of her and a terrible sound came out. Everett’s stomach started to shrink as more of this black stuff came out of her and a terrible beast was emerging.

Everett stopped screaming and her belly was back to its flat normal size. She passed out from the exhaustion. The monster that she gave birth to was huge, it was the same size as the soldier at the door, and it was getting bigger.

It looked to be a cross between a spider and a snake. It has eight legs, large abdomen and a long body. With it’s powerful jaws it snapped the guard in two, and devoured the remains. The poison stingers that it launched at them also kill the three nurses. Like a python it swallowed the three nurses whole. The beast then power drove it’s way through the door and out into the hallways. It surprised the guards and poisoned them. As it ate more it grew larger. Four soldiers opened fire on it with shotguns and automatic rifles.

Angering the monster the soldier fall back as it screamed so loud that it almost made them deaf. It retreated from being wounded by the bullets.

“Sir! It looks like our weapons can hurt it. I think we can kill it thing, but it’s quick. We need to track it,” an Army Captain said into his communication device on his head.

“Very well, Captain. We will call out the rest of your company. We will also get back up.

The creature broke into the lab and killed nine people in just the first few seconds. It even killed three of the Grey Aliens.

“Keep it away from the machine!” Andrews yelled.

Snipers, mortars, and riflemen opened fire on the beast. A man with a flamethrower blasts the monster with a wall of flame. With it screaming in pain it jumped up to the ceiling, five stories up and tore through the metal and went outside.

“Oh shit! But out a base wide alert, now!” Andrews ordered.


Jennifer is still admiring her new larger, sexier body, and giggling to herself. She finally had the body she wanted.

“Oh yes, this is it, I am perfect. Oh Andrews you are in for one hell of a surprise,” Jennifer whispered to herself.

She then heard her T.V. turned on with an alert. It said that a creature has escaped from the main lab.

Jennifer then thought that she could put her new and improved self to the test. She took the teapot, “I want unlimited strength, I want to grow stronger with every passing second. I also want to be the ultimate hurter.”

Jennifer felt a surge of energy go through her. She felt stronger indeed. She put on her old cameo pants and a super tight black tank top. Her sandals were the only foot wear that she had that was large enough to put on her feet. She ran out or better yet jumped out of her apartment. She sniffed the air and followed the odd scent. She ran into the forest after the monster.


The beast has broken down the fence protecting the forest and the power plant. The monster killed all five of the guards and was trying to break in.

“Hey skinny legs!” Jennifer bellowed to the monster.

It turned around to see a Human woman only slightly smaller then it was.

“So you’re the freak that came out of that Demoness, bitch!” Jennifer then punched the monster in its face. The shock sent the head of the monster back and hit the ground. Jennifer jumps into the air and body slams herself into the monster’s body. It spat up black blood and tried to force Jennifer off of it.

“Good luck monster, I’m three hundred pounds of muscle and fury!” Jennifer then pummels the creature’s abdomen and she ripped it open exposing the creature’s internal organs. It tries to poison Jennifer but she wished for herself to be completely immune to all poisons, and diseases. She grabbed it’s neck and then with all her strength pulled off it’s head. It stopped moving and went limp.

Jennifer then noticed that she had an audience, “Well hello boys!”


Jennifer is strutting down the hallways towards the lab. She noticed that she truly is turning heads, and she loved it. General Andrews noticed her and is shocked. She was now just as tall as he was, but she had more mass.

“Well, hello sexy,” Jennifer smiled.

“Jennifer? What happened to you?” Andrews asked a little worried.

“A very wonder thing happened to me,” she said sensuously.

“Jennifer? What did you do to yourself?” Marylynn asked now looking up at Jennifer. Jennifer was actually hoping that the Princess was now jealous of her now.

“If you are done showing off, perhaps you would like to finish interrogating the prisoner?” Admiral Sertus demanded.


Everett wakes up in a chair feeling tired with a headache, and a horrible bellyache too. The door opens up and a larger Jennifer walks through.

“What the hell happened to you?” Everett demanded looking Jennifer up and down.

“My little secret, honey,” Jennifer mocked Everett. “We now know why you broke into the hospital, but you have yet to answer one question. Why are you here?”

“Tell me your secret, and I’ll tell you mine,” Everett suggested.

“Okay. We found a teapot with magical powers. It grants wishes, and I wished for all of this,” Jennifer waved her hand over her body.

“So you wished for a powerful sexy body. I had no idea that you were so vain? You must be desperate or something,” Everett laughed. “So what happened to my baby? Did you kill it?”

“Yes I did and it was so easy,” Jennifer smiled. It did not affect Everett however.

“I would imagine. He was a strong boy, but in the end he did get out. Now his spirit is with his father now,” Everett said sounding almost cold blooded to Jennifer.

“Your baby is dead and you don’t care?” Jennifer questioned.

“My baby isn’t dead. Body yes, but not his soul. He is still alive, just released,” Everett said.

Jennifer began to feel her rage build. She slammed her fists into the table shattering it. She grabbed Everett by her neck and threw her at the walk behind her.

“Okay, now tell me what I want to know!” Jennifer thundered.

“No,” Everett smiled.

Jennifer slapped Everett so hard she spat blood.

“Jennifer! Enough!” Andrews roared. Jennifer dropped Everett and smiled innocently at Andrews. “My office now!”


Jennifer walked in with a smile on her face. However Andrews was not smiling. He in fact looked angry.

“What the hell is the matter with you? This all isn’t you?” Andrews demanded.

“I just lost my temper, it’s nothing new,” Jennifer said.

“Not that! This!” Andrews pointed to Jennifer’s body.

“Oh, don’t you like it? I am new and improved. And you want to know the best part is?” Jennifer asked Andrews now cornering him up against the wall. He shook his head. “It’s all yours.” Jennifer passionately kisses him, hard and powerful the way she loves it.

Andrews forces Jennifer away from him. “Jennifer, Stop!”

“Why? You have always wanted me. Don’t deny it. I’m now giving you the chance to have me,” Jennifer tried to hold him and kiss him again. Andrews slips away from Jennifer’s grasp and went for the door. “Where do you think that you’re going?”

“Jennifer!” Andrews roared and then punched her. “Get out!”

Jennifer was shocked. The punch did not hurt her, but Andrews words did. Tears began to flow from her eyes, and she ran out.


Jennifer slammed the door to her apartment shut and crashed on her large bed. “Why? What is wrong? Why doesn’t he want me?”

The teapot was still on the bathroom counter, and Jennifer in a fit of rage went in and without thinking made a big wish. “Make me big, make me the biggest!”

Jennifer’s body glowed for a moment and then everything around her seemed to shrink, but in fact she was growing. Jennifer became so big she smashed the apartment building with her size. She was now larger then the building and getting larger. Jennifer has now lost all control of herself, she was now more like an animal then a person.


Marylynn saw Jennifer thundering down the road towards the power plant. She was shocked and afraid for Jennifer. She made herself appear in the ruins of Jennifer’s apartment looking for the teapot that she mentioned during the interrogation. She found it under a piece of plaster.

“Hopefully I’m not too late,” Marylynn using her magic vanished.


Jennifer now even larger and being bombarded by tank shells, shells from the three warships in the harbor, fighter jets, and drones. They are all unable to hurt her. With powerful swings she destroyed the drones and jets, she stomped hard causing earthquakes which destroyed the tanks. Jennifer now stood almost a thousand feet tall and still getting bigger.

Marylynn appeared at the power plant and saw her friend and had a hard time believing it.

“Teapot, please here me. All I want is to have Jennifer back to her normal self. Cure her of the envy that plagues her,” Marylynn wished on the teapot.

Jennifer then shrank back down and is out cold.


Jennifer wakes up in a hospital bed with Marylynn and Andrews in the room sleeping in separate chairs. They both wake up when Jennifer coughed.

“How do you feel?” Marylynn asked.

“I have a splitting headache, and my whole body feels torn,” Jennifer said as Andrews gave her a cup of coffee.

“Well, that is what happens when you allow a deadly sin or two to run your life. I hope you learned your lesson?” Marylynn said sweetly and scolding her at the same time.

“Actually I did, and it was embarrassing. I was a giantess and only had my underwear on,” Jennifer turned red.

“And not to mention the billions of dollars in damages that you caused,” Andrews handed a paper to Jennifer that showed the damage details. It said that she causes over thirty two billion dollars in damages to the whole base. Jennifer’s face sunk. Andrews smiled. “However, since the beast that escaped caused the damage. I don’t see why you are talking about blaming yourself?”

“Thank you, Andrews,” Jennifer still red, and Marylynn giggled.

“You two make a sexy couple,” Marylynn said and then walked out.

“She is right,” Andrews said and then he kissed her. “Besides, I prefer you the way you are. Your actually sexy to me the way you are.” She returned the kiss and they held each other closer.

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