Dark World War- Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Halloween Horror’s


Two weeks after the incident that tore through the base and caused destruction. The beast that came from out of nowhere was killed and is now being dissected and analyzed. Most of the destruction was actually from Jennifer’s emotional rampage and unstoppable growth from wishing on the teapot to grow herself. But very few know this and the rumor is that the creature actually did the damage.

Jennifer now partially cured of her emotional jealousy. She is now more open to Marylynn as a close friend. She now has an intense romance with Andrews, whom actually finds her to be perfect the way she is.


Marylynn is looking into the jail cell of Everett as she is being studied and treated.  She thought that this Demoness might be useful. The others want to kill her to prevent more havoc. But Marylynn disagrees.

“Madam Admiral. What is to become of this Everett?” Marylynn asked Admiral Sertus.

“So far he consensus is to put her down before she can pull another crazy stunt like what she did the other week,” the Elderly woman in the white navy admirals uniform said to the Princess.

“Perhaps I could talk to her. She may be of use to us?” The Princess asked.

“You and Dr. Markus have said the same thing?” The admiral said, but she noticed Marylynn’s innocent look. “Fine if you can get her to change then she can live. If not! The bitch dies. Understood?”

“Of course!” Marylynn bowed to Sertus and walked away.

“This had better be worth it?” The admiral said to herself shaking her head.


The door to Everett’s cell opens up and Princess Marylynn steps in. She dismisses the guards to leave her alone with the Demoness.

Everett grinned at Marylynn, “so they send the beautiful Princess in to finish me off?”

“Thank you for calling me beautiful. And I hunk you are gorgeous too,” Marylynn smiled innocently at the Demoness.

“So you’re going to kill me with kindness?” Everett said off handedly.

“Actually, Everett I was hoping to change your heart. I actually like you, and I want to help you,” Marylynn said.

“Why do you like me? One of a Demoness’s jobs is to kill those that rival us, when the master wants a prettier woman. And since you are the most beautiful of all women, little princess. You are a target of mine,” Everett points out.

“Then how come you have not killed me?” Marylynn asked.

“Never told to do so, nor have I had the time. But I can see why my master lusts for you so much. Me and my sister have changed our bodies to mimic, then surpass yours as we grew up. I thought it worked,” Everett said.

“I am actually flattered that you and your sister mimic me. They say that imitation is he most sincere form of flattery,” Marylynn said with a giggle.

“You’re not at all what I expected,” Everett said.

“I never am. I enjoy that,”Marylynn smiled.

“So you think that you can change me? Well then, good luck with that,” Everett boasted with confidence. “So are you going to put a spell on me?”

“No, I could. I am more powerful then you are, but that is not who I am. I want you willingly to change,” Marylynn mentioned. “Oh did you know that it is a holiday called Halloween in the next few days? I am not too familiar with it though.”

“I know what Halloween is! I happen to like the holiday. I didn’t know that it was in a few more days. Too bad I don’t have a date,” Everett thought out loud.

“Maybe you can still celebrate it if you are willing to change? I do want to know what this Halloween is though,” Marylynn asked.


Few day later it is Halloween day and it is noon. The skies are cloudy and the wind blows cold. It looks like rain again. At the base the office is decorated with the style of Halloween and everyone is dressing up.

Even Sabre has dressed up, as a super sexy Vampire. The office party was going to start in an hour or so. Sabre is now aware that her sister was caught by the Americans, and she was happy that they have her now. That means she will now have their master all to herself. Everett was always in the way, so now because of her gluttonous nature she will be dealt with by the Americans. Sabre was actually happy about it. Sabre also happens to be very popular at the office and fun to be around. If only they all knew who and what she really was.

In the classified area of the base the main lab is decorated for Halloween. This was the only time of the year that the grey aliens could go out without arousing suspicion.   The female grey aliens dress up, but the males don’t.


Jennifer is in her new temporary apartment putting on high heel shoes. She is also wearing a black trench coat. She has lipstick on and her face has a very light touch of makeup to give herself that extra attraction. Once done Jennifer gets into her car and drives it to the main office building. Everyone has dressed up so Jennifer went by unnoticed. On the fifth floor to Andrews office. She knocked but no one answered. She had the key card and slides it in the reader. The door opens and no one is truly in.

“Oh good, can set up no,” Jennifer grinned to herself. She couldn’t decide to sit in the chair or lay on the table. “Decisions, decisions.” She decided to sit in the chair and wait for him. Behind the chair and the desk is a big window that had a view of the mountains and the forest that hide the base. She closed the blinds to make the room darker.


General Andrews was in the base commissary getting a pack of candy. An old thing he did every Halloween. He remembered when he was a kid years ago when he trick or treated. It helped him hold on to the past, good memories.

He was also waiting for the exchange to get finished with the custom ear rings that he ordered. They were going to be a gift for Jennifer, that and one other very special item.

The line was long as usual. The whole sub fleet is in and three of them are in the underground dry docks. And the aircraft carrier and an entire bomb wing is here too. So the base is crowded, and as usual the exchange and commissary are packed. But being a flag officer has its advantages. The cashier had him come to the front of the line and he paid then left.  At the exchange’s jewelry counter the jeweler had the custom ear rings and another package ready for him. He paid the jeweler and walked out to his car.

After forty minutes of driving to the other side of the base into the classified areas he parks his car and goes to the office. Unaware of the surprise waiting for him. Andrews slides his key card in the reader and his door opens up and shuts the moment he goes in. Andrews sees a trench coat on his chair but no one wearing it. He door shuts and he turns around to see Jennifer, in a very sexy red underwear.

“Hey there handsome. I’ve been waiting for you,” Jennifer smiled and spoke in the sexiest voice she could.

Andrews was completely stunned by this and was at a loss for words. “Wow Jennifer I didn’t know you had it in you?”

“There’s a lot about me that you don’t know that I can do,” Jennifer slowly walked up to him. She gently lowered his head to her face and she slowly and very passionately kisses him. “What did you get?”

“Something we can share and a gift for you,” Andrews smiles but also trying to catch his breath.

“Oh goody! I love chocolate and you got my favorite!” Jennifer’s face lite up when Andrews pulled out a milky ways candy bar. “What’s in the white box?”

Andrews opened it up to reveal two platinum and diamond ear rings shaped as angels.

“They’re gorgeous! Oh you really know me too well,” Jennifer kisses him again. “I love them.”

“I have one other thing that I want to give you,” Andrews asked.

“Show me later. Right now I want to enjoy this, and I know for a fact that you will love this too,” Jennifer then forces Andrews onto the couch in his office. She sits on his lap, and undoes his pants so that they can enjoy each other’s form. All while she and he kiss passionately and more intensely.

The next thing Andrews knows, is that Jennifer is thrusting herself on him, making love to him so passionately she looked as if she had been waiting for this moment forever. Her moans of pleasure were loud and intense. She may have been short, but she was strong, and very skilled. He grabs her butt and helps her force her hips to go harder. Jennifer wanting more holds on to Andrews and using her strength to make it harder and more intense. For hours is goes on, they will send Halloween in Andrews office alone and with each other.


Everett and Marylynn are still in the cell talking about a great many things. Marylynn was trying to warm up to Everett and get the Demoness to change, but so far this all powerful Demoness isn’t changing. She did learn that Everett likes to talk and Marylynn has learned a lot about her. Everett had explained what Halloween is to Marylynn, and the Princess loves the idea of dressing up as something scary to scare off evil spirits. Plus this day allows her to be some else that she would not normally be.

“So then, Everett? Would you like to celebrate Halloween? What would you dress up as?” Marylynn asked.

“Well I usually go as a Vampire or a dark princess, I don’t know, I doubt that I will be celebrating this year,” Everett held up her wrists showing cuffs and chains.

“I may be able to speak to the admiral on your behave if you promise to behave?” Marylynn pointed out.

“Me? Behave? Sure why the hell not?” Everett’s words sound very insincere and cynical.

“I mean it! Maybe the nice Doctor Markus will dance with you?” Marylynn said.

“Why do you bring him up?” Everett asked.

“He is the reason why you are still alive. Plus I think he like you,” Marylynn giggled.

“Of course he would like me, what man wouldn’t?” Everett stretched out her body to show off her curves. Marylynn was not impressed by that. “You are really difficult to infuriate, you know that. Unlike that Jennifer who was so easy to taunt, but not cool on how she tried to kill me!”

“Poor Jennifer has had a hard life, so she needed her anger. But now it’s hard to let go for her,” Marylynn said.

“Unless you used that magic teapot on her to get rid of those feelings?” Everett questioned. “Now it is you who’ll be temped to use its power.” Everett sat back. “Do you know what I’d wish for?” Marylynn shook her head stating that she didn’t know. “I would wish to be the sexiest, most powerful female ever to draw breath. And of course immortality be ageless, and divine. No man would be able to resist me, I would make all women envious of me.”

“I would have thought that you would want to rule the world?” Marylynn thought aloud.

“I would eventually would want to become the empress of this world, and all others beyond. But I want to have fun first,” Everett admitted.

“But you are sexy, and powerful? How much more could you get?” Marylynn asked. Everett didn’t know what to say to that. The Princess told her that she rivals her and she liked it! “In fact you are perfect the way you are. That cute young man Markus certainly thinks so.”

“He does? Wow, never thought about that?” Everett said to herself. Everett then noticed that her powers are starting to work again. She could escape, and take Marylynn with her. She can use the princess to her ends.

Flashes and crackles of lightening come from Everett. She stuns the princess and the pressure forces the door open. Everett shocks the guards and she holds the stunned princess in one arm.   

Everett and Marylynn vanish into thin air. Everett went to go find her sister Sabre.


Sabre got done dancing and drinking. She had danced with damn near every hot guy in the office. She had to go to the bathroom. She made sure that she was the only one in the room. Sabre locked the door and using magic isolated the room so she’s old not be caught. She needed to talk to her master. She waved her hand over a mirror and the imagine changed to a dark figure who’s face could not be seen.

Everett and Marylynn quietly appear in the bathroom closet since Everett felt Sabre’s powers. Marylynn is awake but she stayed quiet. Everett saw who she was talking to and was curious to what they were talking about.

“My dearly loved lord. Our plan worked. I told you that Everett wasn’t strong enough. The monster that she gave birth to was too unstable. She was always a wild child,” Sabre said to her master.

“Yes I know, but I had to know for sure before I moved on. So what is Everett’s condition?” The master asked.

“She was captured and probably killed by the people of this world. Either way they made her pay for offending you with a freak for a child. She is better off dead anyway,” Sabre said insinuating her curves in her sexy Halloween costume.

“Yes of course. You have always been my personnel favorite anyway. You were the strongest of all my servants and the only one that has ever satisfied me,” the evil one said making Sabre’s ego grow more.

“I will continue on. That teapot has been locked up, but it’s power is still inside the Jennifer. If I can get a sample of her blood, I can become stronger for you,” Sabre said.

“Do what you can, I will call again later,” the image vanished. Sabre smiled to herself and walks out, completely unaware of Everett and Marylynn’s presence.


Everett and Marylynn vanish and reappear back in the destroyed cell where the Americans were holding Everett. The half demon woman released the princess and she broke down crying. Marylynn gently pulled Everett’s head and rested her head on Marylynn’s chest. She let the Demoness cry her heart out.

“How could she do this to me? We are sisters! She …..” Everett cried.

“I am so sorry. In truth neither of them deserved you,” Marylynn said softly to Everett.

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