Dark World War- Chapter 6

Chapter 6



“I’m still rather impressed that you were able to convince Miss Everett here to aid us in our research,” Admiral Sertus said still shocked by Princess Marylynn’s efforts to convert Everett to their side to help them. The old female Admiral turns to Everett who was standing next to Marylynn. “Tell me everything about your former master.”

“That’ll take hours, but if you want the short version?” Everett asked.

“Maybe you should type up a report. You do know how to do that right?” Sertus asked the Dmeoness Human hybrid.

“Yes, Admiral I do know how to use a computer. I am a scientist from where I’m from,” Everett said flatly.

“Funny, I thought that you were a sex toy? Not a scientist?” Sertus said trying to get under Everett’s skin to test her personality.

“I get that a lot. I really don’t care what you think of me. I will however do my job,” Everett said.

“Good,” is all Sertus said and she walked out.

“That went well. But at least they will let you in,” Marylynn said sheepishly.

“She likes me though, I can tell that. That was a test,” Everett pointed out. She sat down at a nearby computer to type up her report that Sertus wanted.

“Will you tell them about your sister, Sabre?” Marylynn asked.

“Yes I am. But I’m going to recommend that they just observe her, in order to keep on top of her activities,” Everett pointed out.

“Are you sure?” the Princess asked.

“Yes I am sure,” Everett said.

“So how was the dance that you and Markus conducted?” Marylynn asked wanting to change the subject.

“You were right. Markus is quite the man. A romantic and that was the first time that I’ve had the pleasure of romance. It felt good, I loved it. You were right,” Everett smiled up at Marylynn as she moved behind the computer in front of Everett.

“That is wonderful to hear. I am happy for you,” the Princess said.


“What is it” General Andrews asked Huxcu the Grey Alien half Andrews height.

“We have detected a planet that is identical properties to this one. A duplicate Earth in a parallel universe,” the Grey leader informed Andrews.

“Can you tell what’s there?” the young General asked.

“No, We would need to send a team to it to see for sure,” the alien mentioned.

“Okay, an away team it is. I’ll put one together,” Andrews thought out loud.


Jennifer was in the gym exercising by herself. She had her headphones in listening to a Disney song as she did her sit-ups.

“You look good sweaty,” Andrews smiled at Jennifer getting her attention.

“You would too,” Jennifer smiled as she sat back up.

“You are one strong gal, just don’t go super woman on me again,” Andrews said.

“Yeah whatever. I know you like me like that,” Jennifer said grinning.

“Well get cleaned up and meet me in the boardroom in forty minutes,” Andrews tossed a towel to Jennifer.


Thirty minutes later Jennifer walks into the boardroom dressed in a pair of jeans with a blue shirt and was wearing a jacket. The room was filled mostly with uniformed military personnel. Princess Marylynn and Everett along with Markus were also in the room with Huxcu at the screen.

“Glad that you could show up,” Admiral Sertus the highest-ranking person in the room said.

“Sorry. So what did I miss?” Jennifer asked.

“Huxcu here just told us that the extra-dimensional detector has found a double of Earth,” an Air Force general pointed out.

“Yes, We’ll also need to send a team to that planet. We may have found a Sacred Object there,” General Andrews pointed out.

“Which one?” Everett asked.

“We’re not sure yet. That’s why an away team is going over there,” another General said.

“So who is going there?” Jennifer asked.


“I can’t believe that you forced me into this,” Jennifer complained to Andrews.

“What is the matter? I would think that you would want to go on a mission like this,” Marylynn asked her.

“Not to another world! I don’t think that I’ll be much use if it’s a medieval world,” Jennifer said to the Princess.

“Funny it looked like a technological world to me? Though a little barren,” Everett thought out loud.

The team consists of Jennifer, Marylynn, Markus, Everett, Andrews, and Huxcu. They are accompanied by two Army Rangers that were armed with a multitude of advanced weapons.

“Andrews, we going to have a little chat about this when we get back,” Jennifer said. Andrews looked worried; maybe he did not think this through for her.

The massive machine powers up and the portal of energy comes to life. The portal has become stable the team walked threw.


The eight person team walked onto a barren sun baked ground.

“Uh, the desert, why couldn’t we end up near a tropical island?” Everett complained.

“There is a city roughly fifteen miles to the east of us,” Markus informed everyone as he looked at his tablet.

“Fifteen miles! What the fuck?” Jennifer went into a rant. “That’s maybe a two day hike?”

“The heat will be a problem,” Huxcu said. “Hey Princess! Can you alter the weather with your magic or make it cooler around us?”

“I’ will try to do something,” Marylynn said. She begins to do her magical dance that would change the weather. As a pink and red magical energy built up around her, the magical powers of the Princess all of a sudden shot lightening and electrocuted her. Marylynn is shot back and Everett caught her.

“What happened?” Jennifer asked.

“I do not know. That has never happened to me before,” Marylynn said lightly dazed.

Markus took out a scanner and scanned the air. “I think I know why. The atmosphere has elevated levels of radiation, consistent with that of a nuclear test site, or in this case a nuclear war.”

“We’re in a radiation field?” Everett almost screamed.

“Not just the field, the whole planet is like this,” Markus said.

“How dangerous?” Andrews asked.

“We can stay for up to three days before the radiation starts to affect us,” the male scientist said.

“Three days, and two of those days will be devoted to walking. Unless,” Andrews saw what looked like a large van near a road. “Does it still work? Sergeant!”

One of the Rangers slung his rifle to his back to look at the van. He opened the hood of the engine to look at the machine inside. “The only thing this van needs is gas. Other then that it looks functional.”

“Uh corporal, you have a drone that uses gasoline, right?” Andrews asked the female corporal.  She nodded yes. “Put it in.” The corporal took out the drone and the small gas can and dumped the fuel into the tank of the van.

“We may have just enough to make it to the city,” the female corporal said.

“Alright then, everyone in!” Andrews said.

As ordered the eight individuals climbed into the van with the sergeant in the driver seat. He started up the engine and released the brakes. The van goes to the east where Markus pointed.


The team reaches the city in forty minutes and see a massive wall of metal and buildings in the distance.

“Where’s the door?” Huxcu asked looking up.

“I think will have to climb it?” the Corporal looked up too.

“It’s over two hundred feet tall! How do we scale it?” the male sergeant.

“How about that?” Markus pointed to what looked like a window on a ledge in the wall.

“It’s pretty low to the ground. Maybe it’s a sensor array?” Jennifer thought out loud.

“Let’s go see,” Everett said getting out of the van.

The Demoness ran over to the wall and used her Demoness powers to jump up thirty feet into the air. She got behind the sensor array and saw a maintenance door. “Hey there is a door up here!” The sergeant shot us a rope to Everett for her to catch. The Demoness catches the rope and ties it to a chock in the wall. “Okay it’s safe to climb up!” The other seven slowly climb up the thirty-foot rope to where Everett is.  “Man you people are so slow!”

“Well we are not all Demoness with super Human strength,” Jennifer stated.

The sergeant forced the door open and it leads them all into a dimly lite metal tunnel.  They wonder through the tunnels until they come to a light. The light was another hole that showed what was on the other side of the wall. It was a massive city with very tall towers and flying cars.

“Wow, okay now I’m glad you took me along,” Jennifer said in disbelief.

“It looks dirty at the bottom,” Marylynn commented looking at the streets below.

“Maybe we’re in the bad part of town?” Everett suggested to her best friend the Princess.

They all climb down to the street level to find it deserted and in a dilapidated state. Trash was everywhere and graffiti also decorated the buildings. The Sergeant and the Corporal raised their guns ready for a fight. They were trained for urban warfare.

“We have to be careful, there could be terrorist or violent gangs running around these parts,” the Corporal said.

“Yeah I would say violent gangs, by the look of the graffiti,” Jennifer postulated.

“I agree, we had better find the authorities,” Andrews suggested.

“For all we know the authorities are totalitarian psychopaths,” Markus said back.

“We’ll have to take that chance. If they are hostile, Huxcu here can give them something to think about,” Andrews put his hand on the Alien Grey’s shoulder.

“You’re putting a lot of fucking stock into me? You morons must be desperate,” Huxcu cracked. “It will also depend on how advanced these primitives are.”

An explosion a block away was seen. Emergency vehicles race to the scene and people are held back by armored police officers. Gunfire was also heard as cars are thrown on their sides to be a form of protection from bullets. These were punks with guns. Men and women firing at the local police and normal people. Helicopters soar above and blast the building behind the gang gunmen. The shockwave from the explosion destroyed the building and killed all the gang men.

Then a fleet of motorcycles race towards the battle scene with odd looking policemen or soldiers riding them. Nine of these cyclist in total pull up to the destroyed building.

“Flatten the Horde Punk’s defenses and barricade all streets in the surrounding blocks!” the leader ordered.

“Yes, Judge!” the other eight saluted and run in separate directions.

“It’s Judge!” a female gang member with a Mohawk and many piercings shouted.

“Alrighty then, time to decapitate us a super soldier!” a crazed drugged out junky with a machine gun said hysterically. He insanely fired at the man called Judge. “Die, Judge, Die!”

Judge rolled and ducked behind a wall to avoid the gunfire. “You know how many times I hear that a day?” He took out his oversized handgun. “Activate incendiary rounds.”

Judge came out of his defense position and opened fire. He set the crazed gang man on fire. He screamed violently and he ran around like crazy. Judge looked at the female who was shaking. She dropped her gun and ran. One of Judge’s female allies punches the female gang member in the face, knocking her out.

“Round up these scum,” Judge ordered. He looked in another after his H.U.D. picked up an odd signal. “Return to base. I want to check out a strange read.”

The eight super soldiers take away fifteen gang members to the prisons. Judge activated his cloaking field to make himself invisible.

“Well that is interesting,” Jennifer commented on the whole episode.

“Where did the ninth knight go?” Marylyn asked.

“I don’t know that that worries me,” Everett said looking around.

All of a sudden the Sergeant is tossed aside and Judge appears out of thin air. He pointed his gun at the Corporal, and she pointed her rifle at him.

Everett got an idea. She came in front of Judge insinuating her curvaceous body in an attempt to use her Demoness powers to seduce him. If she can seduce him, she can control him. “Tell me, handsome, how do you want me. I can be as sexy and lustful as you want.”

What happens next was something that Everett never expected. Judge punched Everett in the face so hard that he knocked her out cold. “Don’t even try it bitch!”

“Okay jackass, then we’ll do this the old fashion way,” Andrews said. Judge ran up to Andrews, picked him up and tossed the young general aside and into the Corporal.

Jennifer using her martial arts skills kicks Judge in the stomach only to see that it did not phase him. He then kicked Jennifer in her stomach in the same manner that she attacked him with. Jennifer was unable to withstand Judge’s powerful attack. She felt like puking after the attack. Judge pointed his weapon at Jennifer’s face. Andrews tackle the armored man to the ground. He punches Judge in the face as many times as he could and as hard as he could.

“Get off of me you dirt bag!” Judge grabbed Andrews leg yanked on him. This forced Andrews off and to the ground. Hurting badly Andrews coughed up blood.

Judge pointed his gun at Andrews ready to fire.

“Stop, please!” Marylynn cried out. She came in front of Judge and Andrews. “Please, we mean no harm. We have only come to retrieve a sacred item, nothing more.”

“A what?” Judge demanded.

“A magical item that is too dangerous here. I beg of you, we are not dangerous,” Marylynn said.

“I believe you,” Judge said lowering his gun.

“Thank you. Now I believe that a proper introduction is in order,” Marylynn curtsy to the armored man.

“Save it, I know who you all are now,” Judge said.

“How?” Jennifer demanded.

“I’m also a telepath,” Judge admitted.

“So why did you attack us?” Markus asked.

“It takes time to read minds, you moron,” Judge spat. “Come on, we’re going downtown.”


At the main law enforcement headquarters in the city’s downtown Judge brought the eight visitors inside the building.

“Take the Demoness to the medical ward. She’ll be treated for the concussion there,” Judge pointed to a white painted door.

“Yeah whatever, fucker,” Everett complained menacingly.

“Be nice to him. He is willing to help you now,” Marylynn said to Everett almost sounding like an order.

‘This bastard punched me in the face! No man has ever punched me before,” Everett complained.

“A first time for everything?” Marylynn thought out loud.

“When I do my lustful act, men usually go head over heels for me, and want to make love to me immediately, not punch me in the face. That was embarrassing, I feel inadequate now,” Everett complained.

“Markus will still love you and want you. Just do your lustful dance for him and you shall be restored to your legendary sexual appeal,” Marylynn smiled to her friend.

“I suppose. When we get back, I’ll need a few days with Markus,” Everett smiled playfully.

“I see, well I am sure he will not argue,” Marylynn smiled.

“I know he won’t. He enjoys me and I enjoy him,” Everett said as a female doctor started to examine her.


“Is this what you were looking for?” Judge held out a strange looking necklace.

“It is. Thank you Judge,” Jennifer smiled as Judge tossed it to her.

“We have no use for it. It doesn’t work in this radioactive environment,” Judge pointed out.

The room shakes violently. “What the hell?” Judge stated. Everyone runs outside to see the whole city was shaking itself to pieces.


Marylynn runs outside with an injured Everett. Two gang men came up to the two ladies and tossed a gas bomb at them.

Marylynn wakes up to see that she was tied up. Everett was restrained by chains and one of them was taking blood samples of the Demoness.

“You and your friend are an interesting breed. But your friend here is the actual interesting one. An actual Demoness, and with her powers in our hands, we will over take the cops and rule the city,” a pale muscular man said. “Amanda!” he called out to a normal looking woman with red hair. “The Demoness’s powers and blood will only work on women, and this gal has volunteered to test this out.”

“You cannot. She is a moral! Everett’s powers are too much for your lady to handle!” Marylynn warned.

“Oh please, I can handle anything,” the young lady arrogantly proclaimed. “Give me her blood and make me a Demoness.”

“Who are you?” Marylynn asked.

“I’m the leader of this gang, my name is Amanda,” Amanda smiled evily.

The normal looking red haired woman took off her shirt and pants to show that she only had her underwear on. She laid on a table relaxed and ready to be injected with Everett’s blood. A scrawny looking man with a syringe full of Everett’s blood, sticks Amanda’s left arm.

Amanda breathed heavily and started to moan. Her body started to grow and her skin went from tan to pale. Her hair grew longer and purely red. Her muscles lightly expand and her breast also expand. In a minute Amanda grew six feet tall from her small five foot form. Amanda sat up laughing evilly.

“Oh yes the power that is now inside me is incredible. I will take this city and all will fall to me!” Amanda laughed.

“You are mad!” Marylynn yelled.

“We will see,” Amanda countered.

An explosion destroys the back wall and Judges walks in. “You are all under arrest! Resist and I will terminate you!”

Amanda laughed hard, “You fool I am the law now!”

Judge responded by shooting at her. Amanda used her new Demoness powers to protect her from Judge’s attacks.

“How are you able to use magic here?” Marylynn asked.

“My body is radiated and it protects and enhances the magical powers now growing inside me. I am the only magical being able to be here!” Amanda is punched by Judge.

“You have always talked too much,” Judge pointed out. He shots Marylynn’s restrains and Everett’s too, who was now awake to watch the whole thing transpire.

“You stole my powers you bitch! Now you’re going to pay!” Everett snarled.

Amanda shot off a beam of black magical energy at Everett. The force blasted the Demoness into the wall. Then she slammed Judge and Marylynn with a wave of energy. “Hahahahahaha you are all so pathetic. I am practically a goddess now!”

“We’ll see about that,” Everett spat and used what little power she had to jump into the air and pounce on the red head. Judge also shot at Amanda.

“Who is she?” Marylynn asked Judge.

“Amanda is the richest person in the city and a popular super model. She is known for her appetites and lust, as well as being greedy,” Judge explained to the Princess.

“If she has all this wealth and popularity, why would she what to do this?” Marylynn asked.

“Don’t know, and I don’t care. All I want is to take her down, she is now a dangerous criminal,” Judge said loading his gun.

“Then let me help,” the Princess asked.

“You’ll get in the way, just stay down,” Judge ordered.

“You need help! Everett and me are all you have. Teach me how to use this weapon,” Marylynn said holding up a similar weapon to Judge’s oversized multi round pistol.

“Fine. The weapon is voice activated and has nine different forms of rounds in its clips. They are listed on the small screen. Once selected point and shot,” Judge explained to the Princess.

“Okay I understand,” Marylynn said and pointed the weapon at Amanda’s forces. “Incendiary!” She opens fire wildly causing a fire that burned all of Amanda’s followers.

“I don’t need them. I have this power now. I can do anything!” Amanda roared.

Everett kicked Amanda in her back knocking her down face first. “You are one deluded whore, you know that!”

The red head swiped and hit Everett so hard that she sent Everett flying. Marylynn helped Everett up and Judge stood in front of them to protect them. The building is now on fire and the heat and smoke became unbearable. A shadowy figure appeared a person the Everett knew all too well.

“Who the fuck is that?” Judge demanded.

“That’s my former master, the one you call the Evil One,” Everett said.

“That man is the Evil One?” Marylynn asked shocked, and she could see why so many women fall for him, he was so handsome and powerful. Marylynn has become enchanted by him.

“What do you want?” Amanda demanded.

“Such arrogance, woman. You being yourself above your fellow man. But you have become the means that I need to destroy this world,” The Evil One said.

“This can’t be good,” Judge added.

“You wouldn’t!” Everett pleaded.

“The Princess has made you weak, You deserve to share her fate,” Everett’s former master spat at his failed lover.

“Marylynn was right, you are a monster. I was a fool to love you!” Everett snapped with tears in her eyes.

“You can hammer out the emotional crap later! Right now we need to stop him and the crazed bitch!” Judge then opened fire on the Evil One. The Evil One shot at judge sending him, Marylynn and Everett into the wall.

The Evil One approaches Amanda. “What are you going to do?” Amanda asked now enchanted by this sexy man.

“Like I said, you have become the instrument that I need to destroy this troublesome world,” the evil man smiled.

“How?” Amanda asked now worried.

“Like this!” The Evil One kisses Amanda on the lips filling her with an incredible explosive power. He then laughs and vanishes.

Amanda felt enormous pain throughout her body, she felt as if she was going to explode.

“What just happened?” Judge asked Everett.

“Oh no, Amanda has a massive build up of explosive black magic. She has become a world busting bomb! We have to get out of here!” Everett said.

Amanda wailed in pain as her body began to expand in every direction. Amanda looked as if she was getting fatter as she began to grow bigger. “What is happening to me?”

Everett grabbed both Marylynn and Judge and pulled them out of the burning building. Amanda in the meanwhile kept growing larger and fatter as she felt so much power grow and explode inside her. Marylynn, Judge, and Everett ran out of the building and felt the ground shake. The burning building all of a sudden exploded and a pale organic mass came out of it.

“Is that Amanda?” Marylynn asked.

“Yeah it is, She will continue to grow bigger until the power gets to critical mass inside her then then she’ll explode. The explosion will be enough to shatter the crust of the planet,” Everett explained.

“How do you know this?” Judge asked.

“Because this is how the Evil One destroys worlds. A Demoness volunteers to become a divine bomb of their master. Remember that black mist that covered your world, Princess?” Everett asked Marylynn. She nodded her head. “That was Kera a young Demoness that was rendered barren by one of the Evil One’s foes. Her master made love to her and then gave her the power to become a world killer. She turned into a black mist that dissolve a planet and then exploded.”

“That’s barbaric, and you Demoness’s actually volunteer for that?” Judge asked.

“All Demoness’s love the Evil One and will do anything for him. I was foolish enough to as well once,” Everett said sounding ashamed.

“Needless to say you’re different. Now how to we stop this?” Judge asked.

“We can’t. Once given the explosive black power it cannot be stopped. We have to get off this planet,” Everett said.

The pale organic mass started to glow and expand faster. Amanda’s mass has now flattened almost a hundred blocks and a dozen mega towers.

“Once she becomes as big as the city, she’ll explode,” Everett said as the three run up to Jennifer, Markus, and Andrews.

“What the hell is that?” Andrews pointed at the growing pale mass.

“How long before she gets as big as the city, Markus?” Everett asked.

Markus pulled out his tablet and scanned the growing mass. “My god it’s Human! And if she continues to grow at this pace, She’ll be as big as the city in twenty five minutes.”

“We need to get out of here,” Andrews ordered.

“Judge, come with us!” Marylynn asked.

“There has to be away to stop this!” Judge demanded.

“I can’t figure it out in twenty five minutes!” Markus yelled.

The nine man team run to a military van that Judge had ready. They race out of the city being chased by the pale organic mass that is Amanda’s flesh. Once outside the city they see the mass consume the city, and the mass was glowing.

“Through the portal!” Andrews ordered to Judge who was driving.

“Got it!” Judge responded and raced into the forming vortex.

Once the van runs through the vortex it closes behind them.


Amanda was in excruciating pain. Her perfect body was now ruined and she just cannot stop growing. Her powers explode inside her more violently every passing second. “It hurts so much. Just explode already!” Amanda’s body shakes violently as she has now hit her limits. Then next thing that happens to Amanda was that everything went black.

Her body explodes so violently that it shatters the crust of the planet. Then the planet fell apart.


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