Chapter 8 Dark World War

Chapter 8:
Dark Designs
Jennifer woke to a bright early sun. Today was her day off. She had planned to go out shopping today. Jennifer went into the bathroom to take a morning shower to wake herself up before she made her morning coffee. She wanted to get a gift for Andrews as a thank you to him for his kindness to her. She knew that he collected coffee cups, like she did. But Andrews was a big time coin collector. She knew of a store near the mall that had some rare coins that she could stop by to find something for him.
After an hour of showering Jennifer wrapped a towel around her body and went into the kitchen to start the coffee maker. Well the coffee maker brewed her favorite morning drink, Jennifer dried her hair and got dressed. She wore a tight pair of blue jeans with a belt. She put on a sports bra because they were far more comfortable, then she put on a small dark green t-shirt over it. She then grabbed a thin black jacket and put it on.
Jennifer got into her truck and left the base. She cruised down the road to the freeway access that will take her to Lynnwood. The trip took Jennifer three hours to reach the town of Lynnwood where the mall was.
“Uh, I’m hungry,” Jennifer complained to herself as she pulled up into the parking lot. She felt her belly complain that it was hungry. “First trip to the food court.” She walked into the main entrance that was on the opposite side of the mall from the food court where Jennifer wanted to be. The mall was crowded, despite the fact that it was a Tuesday. “Oh well,” Jennifer thought to herself. She saw an ice cream shop and just could not resist. Jennifer went up to the counter of the Ice Cream shop to place her order. “I want three scoops of chocolate ice cream with fudge and chocolate sauce.” The girl on the other side of the counter made Jennifer her ice cream bowl and handed it to her after Jennifer paid the young lady for the bowl.
She sat down at a table to enjoy her ice cream. Chocolate was her favorite, and she was thinking of Andrews. This caused Jennifer to think erotically for a moment, and she was enjoying it, but being in a public place may not be the best place for this. She smiled to herself and lightly blushed as she thought of her lover. She finished her ice cream, to it to the trash bin, and walked back into the mall.
Unknown to Jennifer, that a shadowy man in black was following her. He saw her enter a large clothing retail store to look at shoes. Jennifer spent an hour inside the store trying on several different shoes. She bought two new pairs of shoes and walked out to the next store. The shadowy man decided to wait until Jennifer was alone in the parking lot.
After four hours of shopping Jennifer had her hands full of new things for herself, Marylynn, and Everett. Jennifer put all her things in the back seat of her four door truck and locked it. The shadowy man came up from behind and covered Jennifer’s mouth with a cloth laced with chloroform. Jennifer blacks out, and the shadowy man reveals his true self as a male Demon servant to the Evil One. He tore a hole in mid air, tossed Jennifer in and he jumps in after her.
Jennifer stirred and moaned as she slowly woke back up. She felt that she was laying on something very soft and silky. It felt so good to her scared skin. Jennifer woke up to see a dark room with a fireplace lite on the far side of a large room. Jennifer was still in her clothes as she looked at herself, her shoes were missing though. The bed itself was very large and covered in black sheets, blankets, made of silk and other fine materials.
“Someone went all out,” Jennifer said to herself. She stood up on the floor and saw how big the bed was. She saw that the bed was as tall as she was. Jennifer felt her strength return to her, and she looked around for a door or away out. “I need to get out of here.”
“And where would you go?” a powerful male voice echoed from the shadows.
“Who’s there? Show yourself!” Jennifer ordered readying herself for a fight.
A very tall powerful muscular man with pale skin appeared before her. The man towered over Jennifer, he had to be at least seven or eight feet tall. But he was so handsome, Jennifer could not help but be captivated by him. He now seduced her by just looking at him.
“Who are you?” Jennifer asked absent-mindedly.
He stood there directly in front of her nearly naked. He kneeled down to come eye to eye with her. “You are an actual magnificent woman. But you need a few improvements before we engage.”
He kisses Jennifer passionately on her lips, and the act paralyzed Jennifer and made her have an orgasm. The tall powerful has in is hand a vial full of a purple liquid in it. He gently opened Jennifer’s mouth and poured the liquid in her. Jennifer’s reflexes made her drink it. The taste and sudden shock to Jennifer’s body snapped her out of her trance. She held her stomach from a sharp pain inside her belly. In a few seconds Jennifer’s body began to expand. Her muscles grew, her hair gets longer, her breast get larger, her body becomes taller. She tore through her clothes and only had her underwear covering her now. Within a few minutes Jennifer stops growing and she realizes that she was back to the size she was a few weeks ago when she used the wishes from the teapot.
“Now, you are perfect. The ultimate woman, a mortal goddess. The one that will give me what I have desired for so long,” the man smiled evilly at the distracted Jennifer.
“What have you done to me?” Jennifer demanded.
“I have made you into what you should be, now and forever. You will continue to grow stronger and more powerful with every passing second for all time. You are a worthy mate, and lover,” the man when embraced Jennifer.
The hulking woman used her new strength to shove the man off of her. “You are one fucked up fool. You do realize that you have made me the strongest Human to ever live and no one can over power me, right?”
“True you are the strongest Human to ever draw breath, but you can still be controlled and seduced,” he said.
Jennifer felt another orgasm, but this one was so much stronger. So strong in fact that she fell to her knees and became impassioned to the point where she now needed to have sex. It did not matter with whom at this point. She breathed heavily trying to control herself and her unstoppable urges.
“Your urges and appetites have become infinite. The more you resist the stronger your urges and appetites will become,” the man said.
“What sick plan do you have with me, Evil One?” Jennifer demanded knowing who he is now. “What do I have that you want?”
“A divine child,” the Evil One said and then kissed Jennifer even more passionately. Jennifer’s powerful new body became numb and she lost control of everything. Her sexual urges became so uncontrollable that she felt the Evil One force himself into her. Jennifer with the Evil One on her fell onto the bed as he pushed into her harder and harder. He curtest all of her new strong curves and muscles making Jennifer explode with more orgasms then she had ever felt. Even if she could fight, she could not, because the sheer pleasure and the numbness kept her from moving properly. Jennifer had never felt such pleasure before, and she felt so guilty for this.
“Please stop,” Jennifer whimpered, but her plea went without a reply.
“Where is Jennifer? She has been missing for three days!” Andrews stated worried.
“I don’t fucking know you crazed primate!” Huxcu complained.
“I may know,” Everett said coming up to Andrews.
“Where?” the young general demanded.
“I felt a dark vortex form in that town you call Lynnwood. Jennifer was there. She may have been taken to the dark realm,” Everett admitted.
“If she is in the dark realm, what will happen to her?” Marylynn asked.
“I’m not sure, but we need to get her out of there though,” Everett said.
“Can you still get to the dark realm?” Andrews asked.
“I can, but I’ll need help and I can only take one other person with me,” Everett warned.
“Take me with you. I want to make sure that Jennifer is safe,” Andrews said.
“You must really like that short, dike,” Huxcu laughed. A female Grey Alien smacked Huxcu on the back of his head for the insult.
“Idiot!” the female Grey Alien screamed at Huxcu.
“Everett, what do you need to get us to the dark realm?” Andrews asked.
“Just a small dark room, and if you want to come, follow me,” the Demoness ordered.
An hour later Everett got her dark room and Andrews followed her into it.
“Okay the transition is going to be a little rough for you. You’re not use to it,” Everett warned her Human ally.
“Just do it. I’ll worry about the consequences later,” Andrews ordered.
Everett’s hands began to glow purple and then she made a circle. The circle formed into a vortex to the dark realm. Everett and Andrews jumped in and the vortex closed behind them.
Jennifer laid in the black sheeted and blanketed bed completely naked and sweating hard. For the last three days she had been having sex with the Evil One. How could he do that for three straight days, and somehow she could do it too. In fact she had more energy in her then before, and she hated this. She felt that she has betrayed Andrews. She started to sob, until the arm of her violator wrapped around her shoulder and rested his hand on her gigantic breast. She shoved him off of her to give herself some space. She then felt him fondle her larger buttocks. This was now getting irritating to Jennifer.
“Stop it damn it. You have been banging me for three days now, and you are still at it? How much do you want?” Jennifer complained.
“I will not stop until you fulfill your mission for me. Until then, I will enjoy you,” the Evil One said slyly.
Jennifer felt something odd in her belly. It was enough to cause Jennifer to moan lightly. The Evil One knew that something was up and he felt Jennifer’s stomach.
“You have done it. You are pregnant with a powerful child,” he whispered into her ear.
“You fucking man whore,” Jennifer spat.
“You truly are a magnificent woman. Imagine the children that you will bring into the world. Powerful beings, gods and goddess that will conquer all the known realms. You will be the mother of the most powerful beings in the universe,” the Evil One promised.
“I’ll mother this one and no more kids for you!” Jennifer said sitting up. She felt her stomach and found it to be harder then normal. “My god I’m hungry!”
The Evil One snapped his fingers and a table appeared with all of Jennifer’s favorite treats, snacks, and secret desires to eat. Jennifer’s appetite overcame her and she started eating and could not stop. As she ate more candy appeared. Chocolate ice cream, fudge, brownies, peeps, marshmallows, chocolate chip cookies, apple pies, popcorn, and chocolate covered fruit. Jennifer loved it all and she just could not stop stuffing herself.
“Eat all you want. You will have al you could ever desire,” the Evil One ran his fingers over Jennifer’s naked curves and large muscles. “The pleasures will never stop.”
Jennifer felt a small bump in her belly. The baby growing inside her was growing fast. She stopped eating and realized what was going on. She had to resist his temptations to her.
Jennifer summoned all of her strength and elbowed him in his stomach. The sudden strike allowed Jennifer to quickly turn around faster then she was ever able to, and punched him so hard in the face that his skull fractured. She picked him up and held the unconscious Evil One over her head and Jennifer tossed him into a tub. Jennifer found several chemicals and dumped them into the tub and turned on the hot water.
“Soak on that, you fucking pig!” Jennifer spat. She found the door that lead out of the room to be locked. Jennifer remembered that she is the strongest Human ever, s she used her strength to break down the door. “Well that was easy.” Jennifer ran down the hall completely naked and oblivious to the cold. “I think I need some clothes that will fit me?” Jennifer looked behind her and saw how far she ran. “Wow I’m so much faster now!” Jennifer smiled to herself. “I actually like this. Maybe I can put this new power to use. The Evil One just made me his equal and I will make sure that he can’t do any more damage.”
Jennifer busted down the door to a Demoness’s dressing room. Four Demoness’s looked up at the seven-foot tall Human behemoth of a woman. Two of them launch themselves at Jennifer only for her to swat at them. Jennifer shattered their bones killing them instantly. The other two Demoness’s hissed at Jennifer but they backed away from her as she came closer.
“You two are going to get me some clothes that fit,” Jennifer ordered.
“Why?” one of the Demoness’s asked.
“Do you want a broken skeleton?” Jennifer asked. They both shook their heads. The other Demoness went into the closet and brought out some underwear for Jennifer to wear. “This bra and panties are all you have?”
“It’s the only thing in your size,” the Demoness complained.
“Alright, now get lost,” Jennifer, ordered. She slipped into the underwear and put on the very tight bra. She felt her belly again and noticed that the tiny bump was now slightly larger. “You’re growing fast. We need to get out of here.” Jennifer looked around. “Well it’s a good thing that you have the most powerful mommy ever.”
Jennifer used her new strength to run faster then she ever could. She then came across a lab. Jennifer forced her way in and found it empty. She found books, tubes, beakers, and racks full of vials. Jenifer went to the vials and saw labels on each one. One said infinite strength, another said growth, one said rain, water, fire, mind.
“Decisions, decisions,” Jennifer thought. Then she decided to try them all. There were a hundred vials of magical potions. Jennifer drink one after another after another. After the hundredth vial Jennifer’s belly felt sore. “Holy crap my belly feels like it’s going to explode!” Jennifer felt massive surges of power coursing thru her. Jennifer’s belly starts to expand at a rapid rate. She watched her belly grow bigger, because the baby inside her was growing larger faster. Her child is getting more powerful and that was causing her child to grow.
“Everett, are you sure you know where to go?” Andrews asked the Demoness.
“Yes I do. We need to get to the lab to get a few things for me,” Everett said. She was hoping to get a few potions to use and to keep. They wonder threw the fortress for an hour before they come across a door that had been smashed open. They heard a female moaning loudly.
“That sounds like Jennifer,” Andrews said excited.
He and Everett went into the room and saw that it was indeed Jennifer, a very large Jennifer with an enormous pregnant belly. She looked just like she did when she took the teapot and wished for this body. And she looked like Everett when she was pregnant.
“Andrews, Everett, please help me!” Jennifer cried out to them.
“She’s huge! We both are not strong enough to lift her. And she has a very large baby in her belly,” Everett complained.
“We can’t just leave her here!” Andrews roared.
“What happened to all the vials?” Everett asked worried.
“I drank them all,” Jennifer admitted.
“You what?” Everett asked astonished.
“I was hoping to get stronger or bigger, but my baby got bigger and stronger instead,” Jennifer said out of breath.
“You did the same thing I did,” But you have the powers too now. It’s all permanent and I’ll tell you right now,” Everett put her hand on Jennifer’s naked belly. “You have a divine baby girl growing inside you.” Everett was astonished. She always wanted to have this child, but Jennifer was the destined mother all along. Jennifer sat up towering over both Andrews and Everett. “Can you walk?” Jennifer nodded.
Jennifer was outrunning Andrews and Everett as they struggled to keep up. Jennifer felt odd with her massive belly but she was able to run. She ran right through a ten-inch thick solid wall of stone as if it was tissue paper. She jumped down several stories and landed on her feet with no pain. Andrews held on to Everett as she jumped the same distance.
Jennifer all of a sudden felt a surge of pain in her belly.
“She’s in labor. We don’t have much time,” Everett warned.
Jennifer fell to her knees unable to stand back up. Andrews did what he could to hold her up. However Jennifer weighed five hundred pounds and was twice Andrews size now. Everett worked as fast as she could to open a more powerful portal. Everett’s powers are stronger in the dark realm so she can make the vortex large enough for the three of them. Jennifer’s cries of pain got louder as she struggled to hold her child inside long enough to get out of the dark realm. Andrews was struggling to keep Jennifer on her feet. Everett got the vortex open, and not a moment too soon. Andrews walked Jennifer through and Everett followed them in.
Jennifer laid on a hospital bed screaming in pain as she pushed out her child. A few hours later Jennifer gave birth to a ten pound baby girl with blonde hair and blue eyes.
“She is so gorgeous,” Jennifer smiled and cried.
“What is her name?” Marylynn asked cooing at the baby. Everett was also in the room smiling at the baby.
“I will name her Danielle,” Jennifer kissed the baby on her forehead. “She is mine.”

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