Dark World War- Chapter 7

The Evil One went into hiding. Nobody knows where or how long. All they know is that the Evil One is disfigured and left powerless now. Sabre was left with her boss, the Evil One’s empire all to herself. What to do…, she thought. It was no use waiting for Evil One to return. What could he possibly do to her now? Absolutely nothing. If all the rumors were true. Sitting in the Evil One’s chair, Sabre ponders her options. She can now take over. Become powerful and rule the empire herself. Making the male minions serve her like they served Evil One. Then she can take care of her sister, the trader. Going over to the other side. Now, I’ll crush her. Making her wish she had died earlier. Before her sister Everett, went to the other side. Sabre tempted to kill her own sister. She wanted the Evil One to herself. She wanted the Evil One to love her. But he didn’t. And now that he’s weak. Sabre isn’t going to let him near her. She will destroy him. As well as destroying her sister too. And that meddling American team with their alien friends. Trying to save the world. Not if she can stop them.

Sabre leaves the chair and heads to the Evil One’s private library. The library was off guard to everyone. Anyone who went in would be killed. Try killing me now, Evil One..Sabre silently said to herself. Stepping into the library, there were thousands upon thousands of books ! Tables were full of glass bottles with different colored liquids glowing, sizzling, and bubbling. What the heck are these, Sabre thought. This could take longer than she expected.

Back at the other world, the team was struggling with a major problem. If they didn’t get off the planet soon, they will all perish.  The Judge, and the eight member team were rushing out of the building as fast as possible. Heading back to their spacecraft to and leaving the planet far behind them, a huge tidal wave from the explosion forces their craft to move.

“Wow, that was fast..”, Marylynn stated.

“Yeah, there goes my whole planet as I once knew it”, the Judge commented back.

“Well, I am just happy to be alive”, Horcux told them all.

“Let’s head back home, guys”, Andrews says.

“You got it boss!”, Horcux said.

Feeling a tad shaken over having almost died, Jennifer sits quietly. Andrew sensing her quietness sits down beside her. Taking his arm to bring her closer to him. Jennifer feeling relief from Andrew’s comfort silently cries. Having his arm around her reassured they would all be okay.

Everett almost forgot about the necklace.

“Hey guys, I have the necklace!”

Cheers exploded all around the ship. Having barely escaped death, at least their efforts of their mission weren’t wasted. They had what they came looking for.

“So, what do we do now?”, the Judge asked.

“Now, we will just place it where it will be safe”, Markus replied.

“And the Evil One?”, the Judge asked again.

“We just have to wait, til he shows up again. And then fight him then”, Andrews said.

The craft once again fell silent as the craft reached it’s designation..

Meanwhile back the the Evil One’s empire. Sabre was reading all the books, and going through the spells. Hm..so this is how the Evil One…but before she could finish her thought, one of the male minions came in.

“Sabre! The Americans got away with another object!!”, he announced.

“What?!!! How??!!”, she demanded from him.

“Evil One was there, with Amanda. And of course the team was there and..”

“Wait, Evil One was there?”, she questioned him.

“Yeah, he was. There with Amanda.”

“I shall have to deal with Amanda then..”

“Actually, she’s dead.”

“She is? How? And tell me everything! Or else I shall inform Evil One how unfaithful you are as a servant to him”, she demanded.

Feeling fear of what Sabre would do, the minion told her everything he knew. Then after she got her information from him, she killed him. Sending him flying across the wall, where there were metal spikes. Hitting the wall, he was noting but disembodied and blood. Leaving the room, Sabre ordered two other minions to clean up the mess. She headed up to her room. What to do now..If the Evil One is gaining his powers back he could destroy her easily. But, if he’s not then she could easily continue with her plans. Destroying him, and her sister. And the American team too. Then she will expand the empire as her own. Everyone will answer to her.

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