Remember Me Part 2

Jake just walked right through me! Impossible, but so..true! It was chilly when he did so, but I did feel a sense of goodness too. Jake was just standing there. In the kitchen, like his death never happened. I have so got to be hallucinating.

“You’re not hallucinating, you are seeing me. And yeah I’m dead. But we have a bigger problem.”

“Like trying to prove that Matt killed you”,I asked.

“Yeah there’s that and we have to stop him before he does it again.”

“Does what again?”, I asked him.

Too late though. Jake’s ghost disappeared. Matt was up to something else again. But what?
Oh no, Jake probably meant murder. If Matt murdered Jake, and he was up to it again..then I had to be the one to stop him. Otherwise another student will die. But when, who, and why? I already knew he killed Jake and the reason why, I just needed to figure out how and when he did it. Maybe it might lead me to what Matt was going to do next.

Logging onto my lab top, there weren’t any messages from Jake this time. I go to Facebook, checking to see if Matt posted anything. Looking for any clues.. Wait! Hold on..backing it up, there was a post by Matt, announcing his big after school party. Everyone is invited. Matt’s parents were going to be out of town for a few days. That would give him, enough time and the place to distract others from his plan of murdering. Does Matt do the killing by himself or do his best friends help him?  So many questions..with many different variables. Only by attending, would I be able to find out more. Time to go undercover and solve Jake’s murder once and for all. Also, by going I might be able to stop another from happening..
Unless, Jake can give me more clues. This could be dangerous. I know what Matt is like. I would never want to be left alone with the jerk especially a murdering jerk.

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