Three Days to Find a Husband Part 1

Melody had exactly three days to find herself a husband or her father will have her married away to someone he chooses. What am I going to do?, she thought. There must be a way..

“Ms. Melody, why are you pacing so?”, her lady’s maid Lydia asked.

“I need to find a husband, Lydia. Or else Father will have me married to someone I wouldn’t like.”

“Why don’t you answer the ad for a mail order bride?”,Lydia told her.

Mail order bride…Yes! That will work.
“Oh, Lydia you are amazing! What shall I ever do without you?”, Melody said hugging her lady’s maid.

Surprised at Melody’s hug, Lydia was speechless. Rushing out of her room and down the stairs into the central hall. Melody asks for a carriage. Getting into the carriage, Melody told her driver to take her to the post office. There she will go through the mail order bride ads and answer one. This is my answer, she thought. Picking up an ad, from a man who owns a farm. He is seeking a proper woman, who can cook, clean, and sew. That’s easy,Melody thought as she read on.
Taking the ad with her, she starts writing a reply back. Hopefully this will get to Luke in time. After paying to send off her reply, Melody heads back to her carriage. Mother and Father wouldn’t approve of her being a mail order bride. But at least it was someone her age, owns his own land and property. That should suffice. Melody knew how to cook, clean and sew.
Such easy things to ask for in a wife. Any woman could have answered that ad..
Oh, no! What if someone else had! Melody would think be right back where she started.

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