Dark World War-Chapter 9

Sabre heard more rumors of Evil One over the course of days. This time, he was reported having had kidnapped Jennifer. One of the teams members. But why?, Sabre thought. To use her as leverage? How could he suddenly have his powers back? What was Evil One’s next move? Would he be returning back to his empire? And where was that male servant of his..
Sabre was snapped put of her thoughts as the Evil One himself appeared in the room.
Getting up, and being to her master Sabre was stunned. He looked younger and happier than before.

“Sabre, I heard you took over while I was away.”

“Yes, master. I just wanted to keep things running smooth. And planning on ways of destroying the team”, she informed him.

Evil One, stripping out of his clothes and walking around her nude..left Sabre speechless. He always had that effect on her no matter what. Coming closer to her, Evil one cups her ass, bringing her closer to his body. His manhood springing to full force was ready to dive into Sabre’s smooth hot liquid core. Kissing her mouth, taking full force, Evil One carries her to his bed..seducing her completely. Knocking away all her pervious thoughts of never letting him near her again. Sighing with pleasure, Sabre wanted more. She never felt like she ever had enough. Sex was good. And with him it was explosive.

After spending the entire night with Sabre, Evil One gets up. Leaving to plan his next moves concerning Jennifer and his godlike child. Not knowing whether it was a girl or boy.  The night with Sabre left him wanting more. It was her power. To seduce and to be seduced. That’s why Evil One had made Sabre and her traitor sister his slaves. He loved bedding with sexy, powerful women. It was one of his weaknesses no one figured out yet. Sabre was completely unaware of what Evil One had done to Jennifer days before.  And he planned to keep it that way for now. Something was troubling Sabre’s mind. He sensed something. But he couldn’t tell what exactly. He never could read her, like her sister Everett.

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