The Runaway Part 2

As the investigation was still being done, lead detective Amy Ried got a call about another woman’s body found. This one was in a back alleyway. What if both bodies had same bruises, cuts, and scrapes? If both women were starved…then they might have a.serial killer on the loose. Heading into her vechile, Amy hoped she was wrong..

Once at the crime scene, Amy showed her badge to police officers before being let in. Walking over to the head officer in charge, Amy sees the victim’s body. This time a red head. The other was a brunette. Bith women shared similar marks and beatings as well as starvation.
Where did these women come from? Were they all held in the same place? Amy shook the thoughts away. Yep there was no doubt a siller killer was loose.
Now they have to find out the women’s identies and find DNA of their killer. If only it was that easy.
It could take them years before catching the bastard.

Police officer James Weatherson, knew after finding out about another victim with the same marks, that a pyscopathic killer was loose some where planning his next victim if not already killing again. He’ll need this detective’s help in solving this case fast before more bodies show up.
Too late. A call just came in. Both Amy and James got into the same vechile,while leaving the bodies to the cornors.

Damn it. A third victim today. They better find DNA or names so they can try and trace the women’s last moves before they ended up dead.
Amy felt sick. Three victims! Damn it! The serial killer was doing this on purpose. Maybe she can call her team and ask them for all te coordinates where all the victims were found and come up wih something til the cornors could tell them more.

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