The Runaway Part 4

James dropped Amy at her place after the long day. They both agreed to meet at the station at 7am sharp. Walking through her house after unlocking her door then to relock it, Amy went to her bathroom. Stripped down and stepped into her shower.The hot water felt good on her body after today’s work. Wrapping a towel around her,Amy walked into her bedroom.  After dropping the towel to put clothes on, Amy her a door open…
What the hell, she thought. Grabbing her pistol, Amy walked out to investigate the sound. After seeing that the screen door was locked. But the wooden door was open …
Did I leave that open, Amy thought. Walking through each room quietly searching for any signs of an intruder. Having found none..Amy placed her gun down. Turning her back against a shadow.. Amy was knocked unconscious. Her pistol falling to the white tile floor with a loud thud. Everything went black for Amy as her body fell downward.

The next morning at the station, James waited for Amy to arrive. He had more bad news to tell her. The person they suspected was found dead in in he same way as the women. Except he was shot multiple times in the head and chest. And bleed to death. Now with their lead suspect dead..they didn’t know who else to add to the murder suspect list. Sipping his coffee, the clock went off. Alerting him that it was 7am. Where was Amy Reid. She was famous for her punctuality. This wasn’t like her. Maybe she slept in late. Calling her cell phone number, James got her voicemail. Amy wasn’t on time, and her cell was off. Damn this was not good. Getting up, he and another officer head to Amy’s place to check it out.

Meanwhile, Amy found herself tied naked to a fourposter bed. A gag inside her mouth. The stench of the room made her want to gag..where the hell am I, Amy thought. First, she needed to get the restraints off. Twisting her wrists, the tightness of the ropes left red marks on both her wrists. Taking the gag out and covering herself with her tee that was tossed across the room, Amy tries the door. No use. Locked. Turning around she searches for something to use. She had to get out of here before she too died.

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