Trouble Part 1

Mandy didn’t know that after rooming with her best friend, she was in trouble. Her best friend took to partying and chasing guys and being bossy to just about every other girl on campus. She didn’t expect trouble to come. Nor did she expect it to come knocking on her apartment door. Mandy moved off campus to a more quiet peaceful place that was decent and affordable. An elderly woman who was kind and sweet and loved to bake offered her an apartment for a real low price. The elderly lady needed company. And she found that in Mandy. Mandy loved the older woman. Reminding her of her grandma whom passed away five years ago. Answering the door, there stood three police officers.
The police introduced themselves and asked Mandy many questions about her best friend, Rose McGuire. After answering all their questions, Mandy asked them why they were questioning her about her friend. The older police officer turned around to look at her and said, “She was found dead, inside her college dorm.” Then turned and walked away with the others.

How did Rose die? Alcohol? Drugs? No..Rose can definitely hold in her liquor. Drugs, no. Rose and her were extremely against them. The only difference between the girls was that Rose wanted to be wild once free from her family back home. She went boy crazy like a crazed teenage girl. She became super bossy towards all females except for her friend Mandy. Would someone kill Rose because she was bossy? Or was it because Rose took away a guy from another girl? Rose was known as the breaker up. She would flirt with guys who already had a girl just to see if she could make them like her. Rose was both weird and crazy like that. But how did the other girls feel about Rose? Resentment..anger…and hatred..yes. Those would be a motive to kill. But who? And how? And were those really the reasons why?

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