Trouble Part 2

Mandy couldn’t stop thinking about what happened to her friend Rose. They were always close. They were Beatles since they were born. Inseparable. Feeling the need to help her friend by finding out what happened, Mandy leaves off to the campus. Surely, there would be tons of gossip, with truth hidden deeply underneath.

Meanwhile at the campus, Josh Nicolson, was perturbed by the rumors. Rose was found laying on her bed, in her dorm room in a pool of blood. Her clothes were just an average PJ set that most women wore. Despite her actions on Camus, Rose McGuire was a good decent gal. But none of the women on campus would say that. They all had their boyfriends cheat on them to be with Rose. The redhead, cute freckled, bright green eyes that lured many men away and into her seductive trance. Rose despite her bad girl image had a perfect GPA and was an excellent student. Though, none ever saw her study. So, how did she do it? Maybe her roommate, Mandy would know. But if rumors were true, Mandy left her best friend and roommate, Rose. Rose was supposedly horrible to her friend Mandy. Rose’s death left a sour note in his mind. Who murdered Rose and why?

Mandy walked across the campus, dressed in dark washed skinny jeans that snug her butt, black ankle boots perfect for walking, and a college tee. Setting out to uncover the truth will be like pulling people’s teeth out, Mandy thought. It’s not going to be easy. Especially since none of the women on campus liked Rose. They had good reasons to not like Rose. But Rose was just an average female college student, very good with her studies, and liked to have fun. So why murder her? Not paying any attention, both Mandy and Josh walked rig into each other. Oops, Mandy thought. So much for being invisible until she was ready. Crap, I’m not paying any attention,Josh thought.

“Sorry!” , they both said at the same exact time.
Silence filled the air. Making it awkward. “I’m Josh Nicolson.” Grabbing his hand t shake it, Mandy introduced herself. “Hi, I’m Mandy..”

“The Mandy that was Rose’s best friend?”, Josh asked her never letting her finish her sentence nor letting go of her hand.

“Yes, I’m that Mandy.”

“I’m sorry..I was thinking of looking for you. Sorry about not paying any attention to where I was going. Rose’s death is..a horrible loss an a mystery. Would you  like some coffee somewhere”, he asked feeling like a fool.

Smiling up at him, and biting her lip, Mandy struggles with her holding back her laughter. “Yes, I’d like some coffee.”

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