Trouble Part 3

Mandy and Josh found themselves at a local cafe. Josh ordered them both a cup of freshly brewed coffee. Picking a table near a window they both sit down and enjoy the view while enjoying the good coffee. Sipping his coffee, Mandy asks him, “What is your involvement with Rose?And why did you say her death was a mystery?”

Looking at her face and staring into her blue eyes, Josh replied, “I had classes with Rose. Both of were studying criminology. Rose had the highest grades. Based off of noticing her papers.I sat next to her in class.”

Listening intently to what Josh said, Mandy what signs of lying..but found none that she could easily detect. Not ruling him out completely as a suspect. He could easily want to frame her for her friend’s murder. After all, she was Rose’s best friend and roommate who left. And nobody but Rose knew why. And why was he looking for her? His statement about looking for her only fueled her mind with more questions than ever. Mandy’s major unlike both Rose and Josh, was in Creative Writing. Mandy wanted to be an author. She wrote constantly, and self published a few mystery novels on Amazon. Becoming a bestselling author has been her childhood dream.

“Why did you say you were looking for me? And you didn’t really explain why her death is a mystery”,Mandy stated back.

Sensing her determination and her sense of loss when she spoke of Mandy’s death, Josh felt sympathy towards her. Yet, he wasn’t going to rule her out completely as a number one suspect. She could easily have murdered her best friend. And being a friend of Rose’s Rose wouldn’t hesitate in letting her friend into her dorm room that night she was helplessly murdered. Was Mandy to be trusted? Or was she the murderer? If he found it she was, he would turn her into the police. But first he would need proof. Real hard evidence, otherwise she could walk away forever. But if she wasn’t the murderer, then having her help would benefit him in finding out who really was. It was nerve wrecking to know a murder took place on the campus that one was studying to be a police officer. Either way, he was going to stick close her side from here on out. So, choosing his words carefully,he told Mandy, “It’s because she was a good student in class and just because of her ‘bad girl behavior’, I have e gut feeling her ,murder wasn’t a suicide like the police think it might be. I don’t think a woman with Rose’s strong personality and I intelligence would even commit suicide.”

Okay ,maybe he really was a blood guy. Maybe, I could trust him, Mandy thought. But, I still will be careful just in-case he turns out to be a murderer after all. “Okay, so if you and I didn’t kill Rose, and we both know someone else did, who had hated her the most on campus?”, Mandy asked.

“That I was going to ask you”, Josh told her.

Great the were both didn’t have an idea of who really hated Rose..This was going to be difficult after all. But maybe with Josh to help, maybe we could find the murderer in time.

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