Mr. Wrong

Have you ever tried dating a good guy after good guy and it never worked out right? Have you tried dating a man that was so similar to you in intelligence, personality and work? Well Kari did. All it did was left her with a broken heart afterwards. She was tired of falling a Mr. Right only to be left broken. Left to feeling empty. And not to mention completely jealous of other pretty women who had their Mr. Rights and were doing well. Kari felt hopeless. She was the quiet, geeky, shy girl all through school. Even at college, she still had not completely lost her shyness. Would she ever find her Mr. Right?

Jake Whitbourne was always the tough, sexy as hell, one night type if guy. He was smart as hell too. Maybe that’s why now heading towards his Bachelor’s degree he needed more than the bad one night girl. He wanted more. He wanted a real woman. One he can wake up to every morning. One that would share his goals in life. A woman he can settle down with.
Feeling frustrated and enivous of other guys with their long time girls he felt a stab of pain. Loneliness swelled deep inside him. He needed to find his Mrs. Right. Would he ever find her?

Write a response to this challenge,  using only three paragrapghs!!  Will Kari and Jake meet? If so, where and how? Will their sparks fly high? And what will they do about their sparkling chemistry? Will Kari, Ms. Right, and Jake, Mr. Wrong, be each other’s destined perfect match? Write and post your response diwn below in the comment area! 🙂

Best of luck!

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