Breaking the Rules( coming soon)

Bad girl Alexis, never thought that falling for a man who took her breath away, would end up being her happily ever after. She was tough, smart, and badass. She wanted a man that was the same.

Matt was a hopeless romantic. He was tough, smart, but a complete softie. Woman drooled after him. But he wasn’t interested in a woman who was into only his mkney and looks. He wanted a real woman. Who feelings were real.
He didn’t expect to fall for Alexis. She was everything he wasn’t expecting and more. She was smart, sexy, tough. But inside.. was a soft woman who melted at his care and simple touch. A woman who needed a man like him to bring out her inner woman. But Alexis isn’t allowing Matt and his sweet words to woo her and her heart. It’s going to take a lot more for Matt to prove he really wants her. Matt feels frustrated and hopeless chasing Alexis..until something bad happens. Alexis is now dependent on others. And while she’s recovering, she discovers what she really wants and who she really is. She decides to break her rules and go after what she wants. But is it too late to make Matt fall in love with her?

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