Letting Go

Amelia found out that she was indeed pregnant. With the man she dated long ago. He was a wealthy man now, taking over his father’s business. He broke it off with Amelia a week before she found out. That she was carrying his child. Not knowing what to do nor whom to go to, she heads to his office. To tell him the news. Maybe he will still want to be with her. Maybe he will love her after hearing they are going to be parents.
His scretary told her she could now go in. Walking in, she noticed he didn’teven look up at her.
“What do you need?”
“I’m here to tell you that I’m pregnant with your child.”, she calmly informed him.  Looking up, he said, “It’s not my child.And my financee and I are getting married this week.So, if you will leave, I have tons if work to do.”
“It is your child. I haven’t been with any other man except you”, Amelia said feeling the salt of her tears stinging her eyes.
“You are lying for money.Guys can you come take away this woman.”
Feeling cold and numb, Amelia walked out of the jerks office passing up the two guards and running out the doors.
She kept in running feeling nothing but hurt. Next thing she knows, everything went black.
Waking up, Amelia found herself inside a hospital room. Bright lights and iv’s going through. How did I end up here, she wondered.  Her father came into the room. “I have arranged for you to leave the city”, he told her.
Amelia feeling worse asked him, “But where will I be going?”
“I have arranged for you to live with a young farmer the same age as you. He’s a good man and a hard worker. He was willing to accept you and the baby”, he told her.
Amelia felt a little relieved but felt unsure about everything. Sleep overcame her, and she was soon sleeping.Wondering who the man was and would he really accept her and the baby..

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