Mountain Encounter ( coming soon)

Bell leaned agaisnt a large boulder. Having hiked all the way up the step mountain, she finally cuaght a glance at what she was searching for. A bright orange flower. The villagers believe that the bright flower contains healing powers. They only harvest the flower when someone falls ill. They say the people always get better. Bell wanted to test out the flower for a way to make a medicine that would heal would heal others. Bell’s mom was suffering from a skin disease. So far there were no cures for it. Bell believed the bright orange healing flower would be her mom’s answer. Now all she had to do was take the flower back home. But before Bell got to pluck it. A man plucked the flower from the ground and raced away. Oh no!, Bell thought.
“Hey, you cant do that. That was my flower!”, Bell shouted.
Running to catch up with the man who stole her only hope.
“Too late!”, the man said..just as Bell tackled him. Causing him to fall backward and taking both of them down tye mountain. Both forgot about the flower and held onto each other as they braced for impact.
With a final thump,both landed onto soft green grass that stretched on for miles.  Bell, sensing they stopped rolling, grabbed the man’s shirt tighter. “Please give me my flower, I need it”, she begged him. For a moment completely forgotten about the flower the man looked at Bell. Her eyes shown with fierce determination and sadness…no it was a trick. Shoving her off of him he stoid up. Checking for the flower, he placed in a container. Damn it! He lost the flower. The flower he was going to use to heal his little girl back home. She was slowly dying. She was all he had left. A doctor told him about the rumor of a bright orange healing flower that would help heal hear. And damn it. He had nothing to lose. He needed to save his little girl. Now it was lost. His only hope of saving her…
Bell stood watching the man fall down and weep. Did he lose the flower or was this some type if trick? Not sure, Bell headed next to him and rubbed his back. Sensing someone close to him. He looked up and there on his left with the big warm chocolate eyes, was the woman who only moments before was wanting the flower from him. He didn’t know what to make of her. And he lost everything. He was going to lose his daughter. The woman was trying to assure him, only that she was crying too. Why?

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