The Trap Part 1

Simon was a hard worker. Smart and had the body that sent all women running to him. Just because of his looks a rumor spread that he was a playboy. He had one night stands and that his next target was Meg Campbell. She was the only woman who didn’t throw herself at him. She was the most beautiful woman he ever laid eyes upon. But she was the boss’s daughter. Which made her out of bounds. Simon could only loook at her and when he got home his fantasies of her would start. Making his sleep impossible. Yet, he still came to work everyday and still watched her and wanted her more.

Meg heard the rumors that Simon was a playboy. But she did not believe a word if it. The way she caught him looking at her. Made her insides feel like molted lava. Her knees felt weak. And she would try not to notice him watching her. Everyday he always looked at her with the same need and passion. Meg wanted to unwrap the passion he so carefully held back from her.
She knew he wouldn’t make a move on her because he worked for her father. Her father talked well about all the time at dinner. Saying he was a man he trusted and well liked.  Hearing those words inly made Meg feel even more towards Simon. What did he really think of her?

It was Friday, the boss was generous in letting him have the whole weekend off. He was planning to go visit his family. His mom, dad, and siblings. He would be a goood weekend. Until he remembered he forgot to pick up his pay check on at his boss’s place. Heading to the boss’s house, Simon noticed the house was un flames!  What the hell happened,he thought. Calling the fire department to report the fire, Simin rushes into the burning mansion. The flames were high.Covering his mouth with a hankerchief he searched for Mr. Campbell and his daughter, Meg.

Meg was insde her room. Pounding and the smell of smoke didn’t help. All she remembered was coming out from a shower until something hit her. Then everything went black. She felt her head..she was going to need stiches. Struggling to get up, she manages to pull a top down putting it on. Then she tugging til her laundry clithes all fell down. She put some on her underwear and a pair if sweats. She couldn’t put her jeans on. She felt dizzy. And the smoke wasn’t helping..

Simon called out their names. Nothing. Going up the stairs, a step broke from the heat..great..just great. Struggling to swing his bidy upright, Simon managed to get up and past the weak stairs.  He searched the smoke filled rooms.

All doors were open except two. Going into the nearest one, he found his boss dead. A gun shot wond to his head and mutiple shots to his chest. Who the hell would hurt him? Who wanted him dead? Simon realised that he needed to find the daughter two. He dragged the older man over his shoulder.

Then placing him on the floor found matresses. Broke a window and tossed them out. The fire trucks were now just pulling in. Waiting ..Simon was able to signal the trucks. A fireman meet him by the window. Taking the unconscious body of hus boss.

Heading to the other room. The door was locked. Backing up, Simin used his full force and kicked the door down. There on the floor, bleeding and unconscious was Meg. Scooping her in his arms, he heads towards the fireman and heads out to safety. Still holding onto Meg.  Who was behind this? And why? If he didn’t come to get his check both Meg and her father would have gone up in flames.

2 thoughts on “The Trap Part 1

  1. Not a bad plot. I’d mention the typos but I still don’t know how you do all this on a phone! I hope you have found a way to earn the money you need for a laptop or something! I think you’d benefit greatly from using a laptop. Have you signed up for the ad option on your site to help make money? I’ll watch a few ads to help you bring in some “dough”!


    1. Lol… Thank you, but I do not earn cash from ads on here yet. I would have to apply for Google AdSense and they turned me down. Because I did not have enough paragraphs and lots of words on my site. Like all my pages have to be filled with lots of paragraphs. Pictures and links do not count. Thank you though! I am trying to save up this summer for s lab top!


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