Fever Part 1

Each passing day his fever worsened. Elle had no idea how to help her father. She kept placing a cool wash cloth upon his over heated forehead. Sweat oozing down the sides.

What was she going to do? Her father was her only family. And their shop? If her father dies, the shop will go for sale. Females were not allowed to own property. Where will she go? What will she do? The only way to keep her father’s shop was to marry. But who would marry a shop keeper’s daughter?

Elle knew her father wouldn’t make it fir much longer. The doctor said not to except any miricales. But Elle wasn’t giving up hope. Her father might just make it..

Max Ingle was a wealthy gentleman. He had large amounts of property from inheritance and held three businesses. He wasn’t going to let go. Give up so easily. His enemy Sir Williams, wanted to see the famous good guy taken down by any means and finally his chance came up.

Max’s grandfather left him a vast inheritance and wealth. But there was another will found that was in his grandfather’s handwriting. It stated that in order to keep the inheritance and keep the property within the family, Max would have to marry.

Max had just about every woman in town wanting to be his bride. And his enemy knew that none of the women were any that Max would agree to marrying. Which meant if he didn’t marry within two months..all would be lost.

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