A Prisoner

Pamela a young Jew, was being carted off onto a train headed to war camps. She was separated from her family. Her papa was shot in the back right in front of her brother, her mama, and herself. She was 12.

She cried but didn’t scream. If she screamed she too would be shot just like her papa. The Nazis took her brother away and then her mama. Then she too was lead away. Now on a train boarded with tons of other Jews. All who lost their families, and homes too. They were young just like her. Pamela hears rumors of the wars camps.

The Nazis would take the Jews to camps only to be killed. Some were shot at once in rows. While others were burned in ghastly stone showers. Pamela never felt so frightened in her life. The rest of her people on board were starved, lost and frightened too. All but one. A boy who looked close to her age but just a bit taller.

Pamela walked over to him. And asked, “Aren’t you scared too?”

The boy turns around to look at her. Just starring at her. “No, I’m not scared.”

Pamela starred back at the boy in wonder. Something about him gave her comfort and strength. Nervously she takes his hand in hers, “I’m Pamela.”

Shocked by the girls bold move in taking his hand he squeezes her hand tighter and tells her, “I’m Drake.”

Looking at each other they both hold on. Not knowing where they were headed or what will happen next. Will they die at the camps? Which death camp were they going too? What is happening to their families? These and so many more questions made there silence only grow stronger and darker as the train continued. Will they see tomorrow’s sun? Or will they too die along with countless others.

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