Death Comes Calling

Kara, sixteen and a poor Jew happened to not have the dark hair like the rest of her Jewish family. Her bestfriend Daniel, also sixteen but a wealthy German boy has taken her safety into his own hands. He had real documents made in advance to protect Kara.  Kara was to be hidden as a cousin of his. His family was fooled by the documents he provided.

Kara didn’t know about the risks her best friend took to protect her. The day the Nazis came into her home. They shot her parents right were they stood. And she just froze. Hidden from the Nazis soldiers. Daniel came to her hidden room. The spot she hid in when she was a kid. He took her hand and lead her to his home. Before going in he showed her the papers and said,”This is you now. Do you understand.”

Shaking her head for a yes, Daniel lead her into the house. “Mom, Dad, here she is.” Pushing Kara closer to his parents, Kara wasn’t sure what to say. She never met his parents. Until now. They looked stressed and they looked like any German couple who weren’t Jews.

“Welcome home”, his parents said to her. His mother hugged her and his father clapped her on the back.  Three blocks away her parents bodies were bleeding on their house floor. Killed outright. No hesitation. No thought into their deaths. No last goodbyes. Just death come calling them away. Away from her forever.

All because there are Jews. All because of one evil man, dictating their lives in his hands. Plucking them all away from life itself.
Will Kara survive during the war under her new disguise? What will happen, if her friend Daniel is called to fight for the devil, called Hitler?
Will he still be the same friend who risked all to save her?

2 thoughts on “Death Comes Calling

  1. Daniel getting the documents could have been a story in itself! Good start though, would be interested to know their struggles and how they overcame them, how he hid her as a cousin; how his family didn’t know she wasn’t related seems unrealistic, but the idea of her blending with her surroundings while dealing with the death of her parents and the uncertainty of being caught could be a “page turner”.


    1. Well Daniel’s family is extremely wealthy. And his parents told him that he a had a cousin that no one knew what happened to or where she was. That she was the same age as him. Daniel took that knowledge as a way to keep his best friend safe. I was going to explain it coming up. Lol..when he’s asked by his bestfriend how his parents are accpeting her as his


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