Everyday Hero

Mike was just an every day guy. Sweating profusively working out in the fields everyday. Until a little girl whose deaf, decides to walk out across the field. There was a wild mustang..the child couldn’t hear the mustang’s snorts nor it’s warning cry.

Mike not knowing the little girl was deaf started shouting for her go back away. The girl stays where shes at. Frightened by the mustang. Standing up, the horse prepares to attack..just as Mike runs grabbing the child in hos arms…

Rolling away from the wild horse and covering the child with his body. Mike feels the little girl shake with sobs. Mike never felt more scared in his life than he did today.
The girl’s mother runs out towards them. Having heard the shouts.

Crying she takes her little girl in her arms and starts to rock her. Soothing her fears away. Mike felt angry that the woman didn’t watch her child better. She could have been hurt.

Getting up, Mike says,” we have to move away now. That horse is wild. Unless you really want to get hurt.”

The mother holding her daughter feeling anger settig in at both her daughter and at the man for some unknown reason. She gets up holding her daughter cliser and heads to the small ranch house. The man following closely behind.

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