Mira was not you’re average girl. She had a body that had more fat than two average girls combined. But she was super smart, and had the sweetest personality ever. Yet no one wanted to be Mira the fat girl’s friend. Not one girl talked to her. Even the goth girls ignored her. And the guys..well they just didn’t look at her. They see her but it was more like she was a piece of glass. Mira struggled with her weight.

She tried every diet program and she constantly tried working out. She lost some weight, but she was still so cury all over. Her thighs still big. Her arms were small. Her bust was bigger than the rest of the girls in her high school. Mira took on swim and despite her curvy figure managed to score second place for her team. Mira felt good. But she felt completely alone.

Until one day at her locker. She heard a bunch of girls sighing and giggling. What now?, Mira thought. If her weight wasn’t bad enough it was that she now had to wear glasses. It was that or contacts. And Mira couldn’t do contacts. Her glasses were the lastest fashion. Black frames that were ovalish. It made her blue eyes pop out more. Made her look good. But Mira still felt on the bottom of the social ladder. Turning around, she quickly noticed a guy.

OMG. This was what the girls were sighing about. He was built like a greek God. He could have any girl in school. He could even model. Wow.. “He’s pretty hot isn’t he?,” Jenny asked her. Starring at the guy before her, all Mira could do was nod.

Jenny and the girls walked away. Shash- shaying the butts as as they walked past the new guy. Giggling too. Mira didn’t blame them. The guy could melt any girls heart.

Not paying any attention as she turned back around, Mira tripped over something. Catching her before she fell all the way, Lucas helped her. “Are you okay?”, he asked. Looking up, Mira saw him. Omg! Did he just come to her rescue? Then remembering he asked her a question, she said, “yes, thank you.”

Then turned and walked away as quickly as possible. Leaving Lucas to star after her. She didn’t stay to gawk at him nor did she stay around trying to flirt her way with him either. It left him feeling puzzeled. Yet she might just be the only girl in the school who he could actually like. She might prove to be unlike all the wide eyed beauties trying to catch him.

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