Destiny Awaits Part 2

Miranda finally made it to her cabin. She gently laid close to the ground and shrugged the injured man off her. Sensing his was still breathing but out of it…Miranda shifts back to her human form. Then runs into her cabin quickly putting clothes on. Then rushing back out to drag the man into her cabin. Heaving him onto a rug and then taking the corners made it easier to get him inside faster.

Miranda’s heart was beating erratically inside her chest. She could lose this man’s life if she didn’t act quickly.Taking a wash cloth she cleanses his wounds with warm water. Then she stitched his cut on his leg. The man groaned deeply.. yelling in pain as she closed his wound. Then he took some alcohol and wiped at the wound. The sensation burned…damn. What the hell is that, Ben thought. His whole body was soaked with sweat. Miranda stripped the stranger of his clothes and took a sponge with warm water. Washing his body. Hoping to cool him down.

Ben felt pain and dizziness. Was he dying? Was this the end? Why did he feel like he was on fire? The car..a crash. Damn, I have got to stay with it. Fight through whatever this was. Ben had no idea he was going through an illness. His body’s temp was increasing. He didn’t even know that Miranda was there trying to help him.

Miranda was going crazy with fright. The man’s body was increasing in temp. For a human that was not good at all. If it increased any more she will have to decide whether or not to turn him into a wolf like herself or to watch him die..

There was only so much time left… the man would be dying soon..

Miranda felt it in her heart that she owed the man his life. He may hate her afterwards. But it will be something she could handle. Bending down..Miranda lingered towards his collar his throat, her wolf fangs…elongated pressing down sharply into the man’s skin. The man went still. His body was still warm and covered in sweat. His breathing became irratic. Miranda watched. Waiting…

Wondering if he will make it..

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