Love’s Never Ending Promise

Gwen had come back home from college only to find her parents divorced, her grandpa passed away, and that her best friend has been hooking up with her boyfriend the entire time. Feeling overwhelmed and hurt, Gwen decides to head out west. Maybe there she can find some hard work to distract her. Only thing was she was doing just fine until, Kade walked in.

Kade was a hardworking farmer who dedicated all his time to farming and rasing his niece, Jordan. Jordan was an eight year old who was definitely needing a woman’s touch. Kade decides to ask Gelwen if she could help him with Jordan and that he will pay her by the hour for all or any help she could give.

His offer was too tempting not to accept. Gwenncould use the money to buy her own store verus having to rent a place which cost a lot more than what she was making from her goods.

She accepted. Only it wasn’t until the first week that she wished she didn’t accept. She was starting to fall for Jordan’s uncle. And that was the last thing Gwen wanted. To fall in love.

Kade never thought thay he would ever settle down with anyone. He had enough raising Jordan and farming. But something about Gwen stirred emotions in him that he didn’t want to feel.

Why was it that everyday she made him feel like a teenage boy? He wasn’t a boy who couldn’t control himself. So then why does he feel so hot and bothered whenever she was around. She was only helping him out with his niece.

Will Gwen and Kade fight their mutal attraction or will they learn to trust in God and follow their hearts?

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