The Beginning (prologue)

Mandy wasn’t sure what was going to happen to her now. Her papa having just passed away from the deadly fever. Where will Mandy live? How will she survive without her papa to take care of her. Just as she was thinking all this. A gentle woman from child services took her hand. Mandy, I am here to take you to your new home. Mandy nodding, let the woman take her. The ride over took an hour. Finally arriving, the woman let Mandy out. This is your new home. Mandy stood there before the massive door. Who is she going to live with? Are they nice? Will they like me, like papa did? Instantly the ,massive doors opened. Allowing Mandy to enter. As soon as she stepped inside, the doors swung shut with a loud thump! The house was dark. Next thing Mandy knew, she saw two eyes glowing at her.

One thought on “The Beginning (prologue)

  1. This story could take many directions. It could be a heartwarming story or a Cinderella type story. I look forward to the next post for this story. 🙂


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