Book Review: Hero at Large

Hero at Large has a well written and interesting plot. The characters are so realistic that readers will find it hard to not fall in love with them. The book begins with Chris having car problems and with a sexy stranger name Ken coming to her rescue. Chris struggles with her attraction towards Ken, while Ken knows he wants Chris. The story is sensual, romantic and highly entertaining. The senes are funny and keep you wondering what Chris will do next. Chris is a character that every woman can connect with. Her personality is warm and inviting. But when it comes to Ken, a very tempting man, Chris tries to be uninviting as possible. The feelings between them continue to grow. Will Chris let Ken into her heart or will she lose him?

Janet Evanovich is a best selling author, who knows how to write an incredible and heart melting novel. I enjoyed reading Hero at Large by Janet Evanovich. Every page is filled with hot, sexy, and irresitable attraction between the two main characters.Unlike most romances, this one has the good looking man chase the woman instead of the other way around. Janet has once again reached beyond the charts, when she wrote this intoxicating and amazing story. Those who enjoy steamy reads and are a fan of Jill Sanders, then this is for you! A charming and brilliantly good piece that will keep you lured in forever. Readers beware, once you start reading you will never want to stop!

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