My Dreams

My dreams are far and plenty,
Both small and large,
My dreams include writing,
I want to be best selling author,
an editor, a reviewer, and a small publisher.
That’s not asking a whole lot.
I could ask for riches and jewels,
I could ask for luxuries beyond every womans fantasy..
But low and behold my dreams are to be an aspiring writer.
One who helps other fellow writers accomplish their dreams too.
As a publisher, I love to know that my writers works are published for everyone to see, to help them gain more readers and more publicity..
As a writer, I want to write inspiring, engaging, fabulous reads that are so low my readers will not hesitate to buy my books nor pass up reading them.
As an editor, I would love to help writers gain the correct momentum they need to get to where they want to be.
These are my dreams.

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