The Case of the Cursed Writer

Elise was working later than usual when her brother called to say he dropped off the old type writter he found at a garage sale. Said the owners were giving it away for free. Elise couldn’t believe what her brother Kyle told her.

Driving as fast as she could on the old stone made streets, Elise finally arrives at her house. Pulling up she parks her car outside and locks it before going into the house. There was a sticky note attached to her front door, saying the type writer was left on the kitchen table.Enjoy, Kyle. Smiling Elise curiosity was eating at her. What type of type writer? What was the condition?

Dropping her purse on her couch she heads to the kitchen table. Turning the light on, Elise takes a closer look. Oh wow. An old fashion ribbion type writter. Brand new condition too! Placing a piece of paper inside it and setting it up, she starts to type a story. A horror story…

Elise eventually finds out that the horror acts from her story were coming true. The newspapers displayed horrendous murders that were exactly what she just wrote about. Taking the paper in hand and looking down at her manuscripts all the murders were done exactly when, how, and where she typed. And the murdered victims were people similar to her story.

The big question is how is that possible..?

And what happens when the crazy murderer decides to come after her next? Will Elise survive the encounter and solve the mystery before it’s too late? Or will her murderer get away with it all??

One thought on “The Case of the Cursed Writer

  1. What other similarities are there from her stories to the murders? Is the victim or the location the same? Could Elise write a story that will bring the killer to her for her to catch? Or is the typewriter magical? Or maybe Elise is a sleep walking killer…
    Good start! …and I love old stone streets!


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