How to Write a Synopsis

How do we write a synopsis for our book? Many such as I, have struggled with this question. Every publishing company requires a synopsis.

So, how do we write one? What is a synopsis? What is the format to follow when writing one? Well, a synopsis is like a book review. Except, that in a synopsis, you are telling the publisher everything about the book. The characters, setting, and the plot are all told. You are writing everything that happens in your novel from the beginning to the very end but in a dense format. Think of a book review. Except, in a synopsis you tell all. No holding back.

Be sure to tell the publisher everything about your character(s) and their problems as well as the setting. What is the book about? Who is it about? And why? What are the problems? How are the problems solved? Who or what is causing the problems? And why? How does the book end? Answer all these in your synopsis and will succeed.

Begin by identifying your protagonist, conflicts, and settings. Then mention the plot as the conflicts and more characters come along in your book.
Next, mention how everything is resoloved.

If you follow the format above, you should be fine 🙂

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