Book Review: Coulda Been a Cowboy

Brenda Novak’s novel, Coulda Been a Cowboy is a stunning and interesting read. Just like all of her other best selling novels, she has a well written plot with believeable characters. This novel, is heart warming and tears at your heart in all the good ways. Tyson Garnier a former pro football player, who faces a huge scandal. One that is denting his career. But he also has a son.Tyson needs to hire a nanny for his boy. And there’s one woman up for the job. Dakota Brown, is a plain, no nonsense type of woman. She doesn’t care a thing about Tyson, but she needs the job and his son needs her too. The problem is that the more Tyson sees Dakota and sees her with his son, the more he doesn’t want to let go of her. But what are Dakota’s feelings? Does she too want Tyson and his son? Or will she leave them both behind?

Brenda Novak has done it again. Leaving her readers with a beautifully written romance. One that mentions family and life’s tough choices that complicate our lives. But in this incredible book, the only thing that is more complicated than Tyson’s scandal and career problems, would be the fact that he’s falling in love with his son’s nanny. I loved reading this novel! I was hooked from the beginning until the very end. For those who enjoy books by contemporary novelists such as Jill Sanders and Sheryll Wood, then this is the one book you will want to pick up!

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