Book Review: Muse (Fighting Fate) by Maree Green

Maree Green’s book, Muse, is a beautifully written novel. This book, tugs hard at your heart, while reeling you in fast and hard. Mia is the twin sibling of a rockstar. She has fallen in love with Jace. Jace is her brother, Aiden’s best friend, and band mate. Jace and Mia are left alone in a cabin due to an avalanche. This only puts more pressure on Jace as he deals with what he’s feeling for Mia. Mia also struggles with her attraction to Jace. But because of the avalanche, they get to have their one moment together. This, then spirals their lives out of control. Will Jace, a rockstar, be able to risk giving his heart to Mia? Or will he choose the band over her? Does Mia, the shy girl have it in her to let go of her one fear and be able to fall wildily in love with Jace? Or will they stay apart forever as friends?

Muse, is an intoxciating romance that is hard to let go. Maree Green’s characters go through a lot of trouble, when dealing eih their romance. Their hot, sizziling, attraction only makes it harder to let go of each other. They want more time together. But certian problems arise keeping them apart.Maree has an amazing talent for writing young adult romances. I highly recommend readers to read her book. Not only will you fall in love with her characters, but also with her story! Muse, is a novel readers everywhere won’t want to pass up!

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