Book Review: Rising by Holly Kelly

Rising, is a must read! This new adventure and paranormal romance is stunning! Holly Kelly has done an outstanding job in creating her characters. Her characters are mermaids. One being a full breed and the other a hybrid. The full breed is tasked with the job to kill the female hybrid. It is the law to kill hybrids. But when sent to kill the female hybrid, the male breed can’t commit to it. She has an effect on him. He can’t let her go. Together they must face their enemies. But will they survive? Or will they be killed in the end?

Holly Kelly’s novel, Rising, is a fabulous book. Her story contains a well written plot that sucks you right in from the beginning. The characters are so realistic, it will be hard for readers not to love them. As the male breed breaks the law, he and the female hybrid run for their lives. Soon the breed of mermaids will be hunting after them. The novel contains thrill seeking adventures and a heart twisting romance.  Readers will find themselves connecting with the main characters as the read this amazing piece. If you are interseted in paranormal romances by Lara Adrian, then Rising is for you!

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