Book Review: Birthing the Lucifer Star by D e Bartley

Birthing the Lucifer Star is written extremely well. A science fiction and fantasy novel, D. E. Bartley has me hooked! The novel is visual, exciting, and highly suspenseful. Readers will be lured in from the very first sentence! I loved reading this story. The characters are believable and the plot keeps you reading for more. My senses were intrigued as events continued to unfold. Shirley, the main character leads a man name Darren to believe he will be seduced, but Shirley plans to kill him with one last kiss.

She then goes about cleaning the blood away and takes a trip to dump the body. She drives to the farthest and deepest place she could find and dumps his lifeless body there. One thing Shirley never expected was for a phone call, telling her they found Darren’s body. Shirley is then asked to come in and identify it. Shirley feels unease and cold. But once she sees the body she automatically laughs, telling the doctor it’s not Darren. The Doctor then tells her that Darren’s wallet was found on the drowned man’s body. Shirley could not believe what the Doctor just told her. Darren’s wallet should have been buried deep with his dead body. So then, how did it end up on this guy’s body?

There are moments, within the plot that made me jump out of my seat! Another character, name Dan Ghostwolf awakes only to find “two glowing eyes” staring back at him. He is then sent out on a quest. He is cursed. His soon realizes his whole family is cursed now because of him. Will he be able to fulfill the quest in order to save his family? Or will he be too late? Soon, Shirley gets another unexpected call from the police. This sends her into a panic. What will happen? What do the police want to question her about? Will she be found out or not? I found out that as I kept on reading that the murderer, Shirley, also becomes a victim within this tale. She has been sent a strange and unusual object in the mail to her apartment from a dead man. This dead man is connected to her husband in a way. But how? Shirley goes on her own quest to find out more about this object.

Once Shirley arrives at her designation, she meets the grandfather of the dead man. Asking about the strange stone. But upon opening the box, she releases a dangerous serpent. A scaly one that has full control over her life. She is soon taken away to another place. Here, she ends up kissing the serpent. Shirley, ends up winning her freedom back. This isn’t the end for Shirley. I highly recommend reading this amazing piece written by D. E. Bartley. I rate this stunning masterpiece a 4 out of four. Excellent characterizations, and a well driven plot with sensual scenes makes for a perfect read. Find out what happens to Shirley by reading on. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

The whole novel, is intriguing. Readers will love following Shirley around as strange things start to happen. Murder and mystery, and paranormal all in one fascinating book! D. E. Bartley sure knows how to keep readers on their toes, and keep them wondering how. There is a little bit of everything in this sci-fi fantasy. Those interested in Nora Roberts and Laura Adrian’s books, then this novel is for you!

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