Book Review: 3000 Texts by E. C. Manley



I loved reading it from the beginning until the end. She held my interest throughout the story. I was curious what would happen next. Both the leading characters were interesting. Readers can easily connect with JD and the female character as their friendship and romance buds. JD is a shy man, but when he speaks everything he says comes alive. This fascinates the other main character.

She has stopped living her life and realized this. She sets out with friends on a vacation where she meets JD. He manages to capture her attention right away. He also holds her attention throughout the book.

The leading female character started out with assumptions as to what this JD person is like. This scene hooked me in so deep. Because, we all rush to our own conclusions about people before getting to know them. When she does meet JD for the first time, she realizes that he’s nothing like she thought he would be like. The moment this happens it made me connect with her. I find this masterpiece as an excellent way in portraying humans and how we really are. The romance was the final touch in making, 3000 Texts an amazing novel.

The characters were not the usual perfect and rich individuals like in every other book. These characters were realistic and believable in a real non-fiction sort of way. Their emotions and actions were raw and unhidden.

3000 Texts has a beautifully well written plot. This is one reading adventure everyone will enjoy. I have read many books in my lifetime and none can compare to this one! It’s unique. Want to read something fresh, new, and exciting? Then, I highly recommend readers everywhere to pick up a copy up this stunning piece by E. C. Manley. You won’t be disappointed, when you do!


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