The Jeweled Book


It was down pouring rain, and no matter what Kylie did, she managed to get soaked from head to toe. Her umbrella choose this time to be stubborn. It wouldn’t open up. And she was already running late.


Matt was bored waiting for Kylie to show up. She was always on time. Yet, she was running super late. Calling her phone, he only got hold of her answering service. Deciding it was better to leave a message than not one at all, he simply asked her to call him back as soon as possible. Ending the call, he heads to his car. The meeting for Walter Books Incorporated was canceled. No one wanted to come out in this weather. Matt didn’t blame them. Where was Kylie? Was she okay or running into trouble again? Feeling a tad bit guilty, he knew she had a way of finding trouble. Or as Kylie would say, trouble found her. Heading to his car, he decides to she if she was still home.

Chapter 1

Kylie ran to her car. And getting in, she starts the engine. It started and then died. Oh no! This is so not happening! I can’t be late to the meeting. Her boss would look for any reason to fire her and this would be a good enough reason too. But then again, Matt, her boss’s favorite would come in and defend her. Saving her from being without a job. She needed this job more than anything. She always dreamed of being a writer. But she needed a more liable way of paying her bills. And this job was it. Plus, who didn’t love books.

Waiting for a few brief moments, Kylie dashes out of her car and decides to run to the office. It wasn’t far from where she lived. And the roads were dangerous to drive when it rained heavy like this. Kylie just hoped, lighting wouldn’t come down and strike her. And would Matt think of her, when he sees her soaking wet? Sighing, Kylie finally made it under the roof cover by the main doors. No lights were on, and the doors were locked. Just great, Kylie, you did it again. Leaning against the cool brick foundation, Kylie sits down. Watching the rain fall down against the earth. It was peaceful in a trance like way.


Matt reached Kylie’s house only to discover she wasn’t there. Upon further investigating, Matt found that her car was still parked outside. Peering into the car, he didn’t see any signs of her. But he did notice her car keys still inside the car.. Why would she leave her car keys inside, unless…Opening the car door, he realized the doors were unlocked. Adjusting the car seat to fit his long frame, he turns the key. Nothing. That explains the key and doors being unlocked. But where was Kylie? Where did she go? Siting there inside her car, he rests his head against the steering wheel. After a few moments, a realization hits him! She left on foot to the office! In this rain! Hurrying back to his car. He heads back out to the office. Hopefully, she’s still there.


Kylie didn’t know how long she sat there listening to the rain. Soon, she heard a car coming towards her. Who would be driving in this weather? Standing up, she notices, Matt’s SUV. The car pulls to a stop. Matt, comes out.

“There you are!”, he says rushing to her. Pulling her close to him. Close enough that Kylie could feel his heat, and his desire. His Axe cologne smells so good on him. Her head felt heady with the combination of his closeness and his masculine fragrance. His muscles felt tight under her hands.. Feeling his core, she realizes just how muscled Matt was.

Feeling her close to him almost undoes him. Causing wild sensations through his body, her strawberry shampoo and Shea butter lotion made him hard. Damn, he wasn’t suppose to let his thoughts head in that direction. Kylie was his best friend. His only friend in the world. She noticed him back when other girls didn’t. But right now he was struggling from keeping his wicked thoughts of her away. He wanted to taste her sweet mouth on his. To take her hair down and hold in in his hands. Her hair was soft and shiny gold color. She was a natural blonde. Most women had to die their hair to match her shade. But Kylie, never flaunted herself the other women did. She was confident, strong, and beautiful. His Kylie.

Kylie couldn’t help to where her thoughts were roaming. She always liked Matt more than a friend. But he was only ever interested in just being her friend. And now with him holding her close to him like was taking all of her energy to not try and seduce him right here and now. Matt was built like a Greek god, his dark brown hair cut like a Marine’s. His deep green eyes and his voice! He never knew it, but he drove her and all the other girls crazy with the sexiness of his voice. She loved listening to him talk about anything just to hear him. Suddenly feeling like an awkward teenage girl with uncontrollable urges, she moves back a little.

Chapter 2

“How did you find me?”

“I tried calling your phone to let you know that the meeting was cancelled, and yet all I got was your answering machine. So, then I set off to your house, and you weren’t home, but your car was still there.” Looking her deep in the eyes, Matt could see her blush forming before continuing on. “Then upon checking out your car, I realized you must have gone on foot to the office because your car battery is dead.”



“Well, it’s not my fault. Trouble just follows me everywhere, Matt. What can I say?” Feeling a deep respect for him, Kylie steps closer. “Thank you, for looking for me and coming to find me.”

“No problem. I just worry about you Kylie.”

“You do?”

“Yes, I do.”

“Because I am your best friend?”

“Because I care about you. I care about you a lot more than you think, Kylie.”

Stepping closer to her, Matt looks Kylie in the eyes. “I don’t want to ruin our friendship.”

Looking back at him, Kylie closes the space between them. “You’re not ruining our friendship, Matt. You will always be my best friend no matter what.”

After hearing her words, Matt decided he wasn’t going to keep her waiting any longer. Leaning his head down to hers, he takes a teasing taste of her sweet lips. Tasting like chocolate, he wants more. Grabbing her into his arms, lifting her up against the wall, he hungrily kisses her. Kyle feeling his lips touch hers she leans into him wanting and needing more of him. With the rain falling they both give and take what they have always wanted from each other.

Will Kylie and Matt’s new relationship last, when a new worker comes to the office with a special jeweled book supposedly an ancient book belonging to a wizard? Or will they be torn apart and lose each other’s trust when they need each other more than ever? Will they be able to get the book out of the stranger’s hands before it’s all too late?

Find out later by reading chapters three and four.

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