Book Review: Ultimate Sins by Lora Leigh

Ultimate Sins, is a hot and sexy thriller. The two main characters are swept into a dangerous world. The woman’s father is trying to set up the man’s cousins. And she has placed herself into danger from her father by helping the man she loves find information proving what her father is up too. He knows he puts her closer to danger with each time they get intimate together. Just being with her in any way places her into more danger. He finally decides to leave her. His heart breaks with leaving her. She has become his heart and soul. And her heart is shattered from him leaving her behind. Will they ever be able to fully consume their love without worrying about the danger lagging near them? Or will they lose each other? Lora Leigh is known for intoxicate sexy romances with tons of intrigue to light up one’s senses. I enjoyed reading this book and I can say for certain that other readers will enjoy this story as well!

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