Book Review: With Every Breath by Elizabeth Camden

With Every Breath, is a stunning medical romance novel. The story is enchanting. Two characters go head to head in competing for a full scholarship to pay for their college. The male character ends up winning it. Then twelve years later he changes his last name and sends her a letter asking for her to come for a job interview. She accepts and starts working for immediately. She also recognizes him to be the same cold hearted boy who beat her at winning a college scholarship. At first she feels anger towards him for that moment back in time, but she then grows to love working with him. She works as his assistant in helping him as he tries finding a cure for a terrible disease. But as each day comes and goes they both start feeling attraction towards each other. Will these two nemesis let their attraction grow? Or will the remain apart?  This story was incredibly fascinating to read. The characters are realistic believable . Their quirks and arguments make them a great pair as the work together. Will they be romantically involved? I suggest that you pick up this dazzling book and read to find out!

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